August 4, 2012: Is this D(isclosure) Day?

Crop circles have always fascinated me. I never believed all of them were the work of pranksters. The size, scope, and complexity of the crop glyphs make the notion of pranksters doing their work in the night laughable. They are to me signs and messages from ETs. And the lastest crop circles seem to be pointing to August 4, 2012 as the DAY on which there can be no doubt about ETs.  That day is fast approaching. We shall soon see…

This appeared July 28, 2012 in England, UK. At the 2012thebigpicture blog, August 4th is said to be the deadline date for disclosure.

On July 25, 2012 (Day Out of Time), another huge crop circle had appeared in England. One decoding seems to suggest a missing 3-day period after August 4, which is 2 days after the full moon. At, you can read the comments in greater detail.

One appeared on June 2, 2012 that resembled a “polar clock,” also pointing to August 4th. The comments noted here gives an excellent analysis of the formation.


A London Olympics 2012 poster decoded — A tribute to Sirius

Different groups on the internet are abuzz over some of London’s Get Ahead of the Games campaign posters encouraging people to take alternative routes and means of transportation during the Olympics. Several odd things have popped up that appear to be coded messages for the few of us who care to investigate. All day yesterday, a family member (who sent me the link below) and I were talking about a few of them, including this pole vaulter poster seen here:

Someone in the ATS forum noticed something strange with the figure in the far right. He is standing apart from the crowd and his body language shows his isolation from the general mood. The lady in lavender standing close to this lonely figure is holding a red flag. The person on the forum thought the man in the turban looked “very dodgy.” It appears to be hinting at a false-flag terrorist attack.

My curiosity was sparked. Thus began my foray into London GAOTG poster decoding. I started by perusing all the posters on the official site,, and found several other suspicious but typical Illuminati messages such as the All-Seeing Eye. The poster above, by the way, was missing and/or removed from the official site.

There are many posters I and others could point to as “dodgy,” but I wanted to focus on one in particular. About one hour ago, as I was reading about the Mayan Day Out of Time in a different forum, I had the always sudden epiphany, the aha moment. Yesterday, I was particularly drawn towards this poster here in this screenshot:

Notice the numbers 19 and 5. Anyone who is familiar with Richard Hoagland knows those numbers well. Since I was an occasional follower of his theories, I noticed these numbers immediately. He has for many years talked about the importance of 19.5 degrees in hyperdimensional physics and the secret Egyptian cult inside NASA.

The poster had been nagging at me since yesterday until the light bulb got turned on when I read this forum posting:

The first day of the 13 Moon Calendar, the New Year, begins on July 26. This date originally correlated to the heliacal rising of Sirius at 19.5 latitude north.

Yes! That was exactly it. This Egyptian/Illuminati cult was obsessed with commemorating the rising of Sirius at a key latitude such as 19.5 degrees. In the Wikipedia article on Richard Hoagland, it reads :

Hoagland has written and spoken often about what he sees as NASA’s “fanatical, relentless”drive to pay homage to the Egyptian gods Isis, Osiris, and Horus. Citing work by Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock on the symbolism of the Great Pyramid at Giza, he explains that these gods are honored via their proxies, the stars Sirius (Isis), the “belt” stars of Orion (Osiris), and Regulus (Horus). He has theorized that NASA preferentially arranges for key space mission events to occur when these five stars are at any of five elevations (−33°, −19.5°, 0, 19.5° and 33°) as seen from a significant place related to that space mission event.

The imagery of the poster seems to fit. The people wearing 19 and 5 are on the up escalator, representing the heliacal rising of Sirius (Isis)!

Although the opening ceremony is not until July 27th, the games actually started on July 25th (Day Out of Time) with women’s football. Let’s all send out some love and light to these Olympics, so that the ritual blood-letting does not happen. With these theories of a false flag event being so rampant on the internet, I hope by shedding light unto these insane plots, we can outshine the darkness.



Giant crop circle reported on July 25, 2012 — the Day Out of Time!

Can this crop circle in England be related to the magnetic bridge? Does it mean we are entering the portal and crossing the bridge into the Mayan New Year tomorrow? It seems there are signs everywhere that some kind of activation has been going on. The energies being sent are preparing us for something amazing. Time to celebrate, galactic style!


See comments below from

Jose Arguelles maintained that within the Tzolkin calendar, July the 25th each year would mark its ‘day out of time.’  This ‘none day’ was thought necessary to keep the calendar in synch with what he believed to be Galactic synchronisations of time.

In reference to the CC found this day of the 25th of July 2012 means that tomorrow will be the Tzolkin’s ‘New Years Day.’ In previous years, this July the 25th day would not have meant so much to the circle-makers as this year of 2012. For as we all know, 2012 is the final countdown to the end of the 5,125 year old Mayan Long Count calendar.

This CC image of the ‘Sacred Feather’ is mostly suggestive of Quetzalcoatl, otherwise known as Kukulcan.  The  Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan moniker is usually that of a spiral. This is because the proto-Atlantean symbol for both Spiral Galaxies and Sacred Geometries was the Conch Shell, as its own natural spiral would satisfy both abstractions of: ‘As Above’ and ‘So Below.’

The theme of the ‘Sacred Feather’ is best summarised by Manly P. Hall. This taken from his book ‘The Secret Teachings of All ages.’

“Atlantean sun worship has been perpetuated in the ritualism and ceremonialism of both Christianity and Pagandom. Both the cross and the serpent were Atlantean emblems of divine wisdom. The divine (Atlantean) progenitors of the Mayas and Qhichas of Central America coexisted within the green and azure radiance of Gucamatz, ‘The plumed serpent.’

The six sky born sages came into manifestation as centres of light, bound together and synthesized by the seventh and chief of their order, the feathered snake. The title of ‘winged’ or ‘plumed’ snake was applied to Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan, the Central American initiate. The centre of the Atlantean wisdom was presumably a great pyramidal temple standing on the brow of a plateau rising in the midst of the city with golden gates. From here the initiate priests of the ‘Sacred Feather’ went forth carrying the keys of universal wisdom to the uttermost parts of the world.”

Judith Simpson

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Magnetic Bridge (July 25th, 2012).


On this special Day Out of Time, the sun makes an incredible bridge. The sun felt very purifying when I walked outside today. Perhaps this bridge was the reason. Its corona also seemed bigger than normal. Powerfully soft and sweetly strong are how I would describe the emanations. Just magical!





It was a tough decision. Leave the  2012 New York(ish) Convergence Conference with a free ride or stand behind dozens of people to give my thanks and gratitude to David Wilcock, one of the top researchers in suppressed science, history, and technology and a courageous chronicler of the criminal cabal, otherwise known as [wait…looking behind me and sideways so the sheeple…er I mean normal people don’t hear me] the Illuminati.

Okay, so I took the free ride. On my lovely care-free trip, a cloud of regret did darken my relief of “Phew! I no longer have to make multiple transit connections and get home late, leaving me little sleep for work the next day.” I did my best to make conversation with the nice couple from Canada, but internally I felt a bit sad for leaving the weekend conference without a single word to David. Not a single word.

It wasn’t until I got home that an explanation surfaced for my weird disconnect all that weekend. The Uranus Square Pluto. Huh, what? Yes, I’m blaming it all on the planets. You see, according to David himself in his phenomenal book The Source Field Investigations, hidden geometric forces exist between the planets which can have harmonious or disharmonious effects depending on their relative positions. Well, it definitely isn’t hip to be square at least not in the astrological sense.

That was June 24, 2012. Almost one month ago to this day.

So, the whole point of this post is to make it known to the universe (and the four people that even know this blog exists) that I am deeply inspired and grateful for David Wilcock’s hard work and dedication to getting the information out there. Hopefully, future generations will recognize him as one of the pioneers of the coming Golden Age.

Cheers, David!