A belated “Thank You, Mr. David Wilcock”



It was a tough decision. Leave the  2012 New York(ish) Convergence Conference with a free ride or stand behind dozens of people to give my thanks and gratitude to David Wilcock, one of the top researchers in suppressed science, history, and technology and a courageous chronicler of the criminal cabal, otherwise known as [wait…looking behind me and sideways so the sheeple…er I mean normal people don’t hear me] the Illuminati.

Okay, so I took the free ride. On my lovely care-free trip, a cloud of regret did darken my relief of “Phew! I no longer have to make multiple transit connections and get home late, leaving me little sleep for work the next day.” I did my best to make conversation with the nice couple from Canada, but internally I felt a bit sad for leaving the weekend conference without a single word to David. Not a single word.

It wasn’t until I got home that an explanation surfaced for my weird disconnect all that weekend. The Uranus Square Pluto. Huh, what? Yes, I’m blaming it all on the planets. You see, according to David himself in his phenomenal book The Source Field Investigations, hidden geometric forces exist between the planets which can have harmonious or disharmonious effects depending on their relative positions. Well, it definitely isn’t hip to be square at least not in the astrological sense.

That was June 24, 2012. Almost one month ago to this day.

So, the whole point of this post is to make it known to the universe (and the four people that even know this blog exists) that I am deeply inspired and grateful for David Wilcock’s hard work and dedication to getting the information out there. Hopefully, future generations will recognize him as one of the pioneers of the coming Golden Age.

Cheers, David!



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