August 4, 2012: Is this D(isclosure) Day?

Crop circles have always fascinated me. I never believed all of them were the work of pranksters. The size, scope, and complexity of the crop glyphs make the notion of pranksters doing their work in the night laughable. They are to me signs and messages from ETs. And the lastest crop circles seem to be pointing to August 4, 2012 as the DAY on which there can be no doubt about ETs.  That day is fast approaching. We shall soon see…

This appeared July 28, 2012 in England, UK. At the 2012thebigpicture blog, August 4th is said to be the deadline date for disclosure.

On July 25, 2012 (Day Out of Time), another huge crop circle had appeared in England. One decoding seems to suggest a missing 3-day period after August 4, which is 2 days after the full moon. At, you can read the comments in greater detail.

One appeared on June 2, 2012 that resembled a “polar clock,” also pointing to August 4th. The comments noted here gives an excellent analysis of the formation.


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