Confusion all around blogtown

Staying focused and grounded during these times are critical. With technology and media all around us, it’s hard not to get distracted. Take the 2012 London Summer Olympics for example. So many of us, including myself, are looking for signs and clues about disclosure of ETs and/or the surrender of the dark cabal. On the other side, many of us, including myself, are also looking for signs and clues for a false-flag event and/or Project Blue Beam. We’re all so eager for the truth that our minds are becoming cluttered with every minutia of 3D reality. Consequently, we create a firewall, denying us access to higher frequencies.

I’ve done mental somersaults over the notions of the “August 4, 2012 disclosure deadline” and “something will happen during the London Olympics.” Was the UFO seen at the Olympics a blimp or not a blimp? Is August 4th just a deadline or the date of disclosure? Why is nothing being broadcast in the mainstream media? Enough is enough. It’s time to re-center ourselves back into the vibration of love. I was getting so overly anxious and excited over the collapsing of the whole matrix that I was losing precious sleep. My higher self connects with me mostly during dreamtime. So, the lack of sleep was starting to create a negative downward spiral of doubt and fear, thus disconnecting me from Source.

I am of the belief that channeling can be hacked. Last month, Greg Giles’s channeled message on July 14, 2012 said that Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner had been arrested. When Geithner was seen in public a few days later, Giles channeled another message on July 19, 2012 in retraction. In that retraction, it was revealed that someone had gotten a hold of the technology to transmit these messages. Alarm bells ringing anyone? So, the messenger admitted the message was not only hacked but that it was possible. The hacked messages on July 14 as well as July 16, 2012 were removed from his site.

Several bloggers were also feeling the confusion over the mixed messages from channelers and other lightworkers:

These bloggers all have excellent advice about how to discern and step out of chaos. As for my advice, GET SOME SLEEP!




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