The end of Greg Giles’ GFL — a strange and last goodbye

Greg Giles, a channeler for the “Galactic Federation of Light”, posted a final message that is meant to confuse and mislead any lightworkers who still follow his blog. Ever since his message that Timothy Geithner had been arrested and the weird retraction that followed it (see my earlier post – Confusion all around blogtown), I stopped reading his blog. He lost any credibility with me then. Giles’ last message on September 29, 2012 is full of confusion and lies to confuse the less discerning. I could barely stomach reading it, and my B.S. meter was going off the charts. The only thing true about the channeling is that Greg Giles’ source had intentionally deceived from the start. It’s the darkness trying to hide in the light: Gain attention and an online following, then confuse and dishearten. I couldn’t bring myself to repost his quite sickening message but have instead posted Stephen Cook’s comments from The 2012 Scenario. A link to Greg Giles’ last message is provided at the bottom.

Greg Giles Quits: Strange “Finale” Message

Posted by Stephen Cook

Greg Giles Quits: Strange “Finale” Message

In a truly strange and distressing day, it appears that Greg Giles, channeller for both the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command, has channelled his final message and has quit his current Lightworker mission.

Either that, or he’s been seriously hacked by others who may have, in some way, compromised both his channellings and his new website in what may be a very cruel and nasty campaign to seriously harm Greg’s reputation. This dark scenario may also be a possibility.

There has also been talk in some forums elsewhere this week that, because Greg had not posted since September 24 – and he usually posts very regularly – he had gone missing…

Whatever is the case, today is a truly strange day in the history of Lightworkers and our hearts and healing must indeed be sent and relayed to Greg in whatever loving doses we can send him today.

According to his own blog, Greg has posted his final message – titled “Message from Those Who Share Their Messages through Me 9/29/12 ‘Finale,” dated September 29, 2012.

Greg’s profile photo on the front page of his Ascension Earth 2012 blog also carries a new (and somewhat odd) message, as of today:

Hello everyone, this message entitled ‘Finale’ is indeed genuine, meaning, this site has not been hacked and this message was sent to me by the same source as each and every previous message. Please join our discussion in the comments section. And yes, this is my real photo and my name is Greg Giles. I am also your friend, all of you.

Meanwhile, this is how the “Finale” message starts:

Many of you have clearly been waiting on your ship to come in to your harbor, but as a few of you, not many of you, but a few of you have begun to discern for yourselves, no ship is coming in and we, of course, are referring to these fictitious debit cards that have never and will never be mailed to you. All of you, and this means every single one of you, including our channel Greg, has been participating in what you may refer to as a research study or a project, or what we refer to as a great program. So what has this program, that is now over for Greg mind you, all about?

Well, we can tell you only what you may need to know, or what you feel you may need to know, to somehow come out of this a little more unscathed than Greg has. Greg is, shall we say, deeply wounded, for he feels he has led many of you astray and in a way he has indeed done this. However, his heart was always in the right place. He has actually been receiving our radio frequency communications that are received solely through the power and the use of his brain. This is the way we have been communicating with him and through him to you, and this is why we feel he has fallen for this, we shall say, scam, if you will, for so long, for you see, when one receives communications in this way they can get a little confused. Such is the case with Greg.

And on it goes… see below.

Tragically, it seems to follow a similar pattern of unusual ramblings which have dotted his posts for the past few months… posts which have been accusatory, fearful, and judgemental; featured language that appeared to be very non-5th dimensional; and, in the past week, have contained threatening messages towards other channellers and Lightworkers.

Greg, Sierra Michal and brother Glenn Giles

There’s been much talk about Greg’s erratic postings and their content within Lightworker communities around the world.

Many have been concerned. Others have stopped reading Greg’s messages at all.

This particular “Finale” message says that Greg has been ‘duped’… ‘they’ have lied to us about this and lied to us about that.

The entities he is alleged to be channeling in this “Finale” message actually say they are not members of the Galactic Federation of Light nor the Ashtar Command.

‘They’ say ‘they’ have bodies that are unlike human bodies – but do not reveal who ‘they’ are.

‘They’ say they do not possess souls, as we would like to think. ‘They’ even deny there are such things as the Cabal, Ascension or any other dimensions beyond the third.

Anthony Morrison, who’s been the 2012 Scenario editor who regularly posted Greg Giles’s messages until recently – when the editors here discussed whether we should continue to post Greg’s messages because of their fearful tone and mixed messages – has been concerned about Greg’s well-being for some time.

“I have felt Greg has not been coping with either the messages coming through or the community reaction. I felt he was even on the verge of a breakdown of sorts. Maybe today is the culmination of all this,” says Anthony. “Something is seriously awry here.”

A poster on another forum wrote three days ago, under the heading Is Greg Giles missing?: “Greg has not posted his ‘daily’ messages since 24 September 2012 without saying anything, which is very unusual for him. It appears that his brother Glen who lives with him also has not posted any comments.”

Another poster, responding to the one above wrote: “I certainly wish no harm to Greg or his brother. However, he had been posting a lot which was offending many of us lightworkers out here. myself, included. I had been following his messages for several months and finally he offended me as well. I didn’t post any negativity about him because I AM a true light worker and my heart is full of all love for everyone and everything in the many universes.

“It is a likely possibility, that he may have been removed from command due to him offending so many light workers due to his negative remarks being made towards many of the awakening souls that are here. I had read a month or so ago that some of the others in GFL that his channelings had been removed from other sites because he was offending so many humans with his some of his negative remarks that were disheartening and disillusioning many humans like myself and that there had been many here that were trying to get his channelings removed from these sites. These thoughts are only my own so please don’t take them to heart.

“Please continue to do your own search as to what may have happened to him and let me know. In the meantime, I will pray and send love and light to him and his twin brother that they will remain safe and in the light.”

I have also been concerned about Greg’s personal situation for several weeks. I have written to Greg directly, three times over the past few months, asking him if he would like to come on The Light Agendaas a guest – but he has not answered a single email. Which I found odd, because he always answered people’s emails.

I have again extended this invitation to him in the aftermath of what has happened today, but only if he feels he is comfortable and once he regains his composure. I don’t wish him to place himself under any increased undue pressure – but he may feel he needs to talk and if so I’d like to be there for him.

So, on this very sad day, I suggest we all send Greg our love and light and healing.

And Greg, we’re here for you whenever you need. You know how and where to find us. When and if you’re ready. You are loved.

Much Love and Light and Galactic Magic!


WARNING: Please use discernment. This is a particularly distressing message to read.

You can read today’s message in its entirety here:


Disinformation Campaign Exposure: Confessions of a paid disinformation poster

Sept 26, 2012

Posted by 

Note from Wes: Something I have noticed on a plethora of different websites is that, ever since revelations began to surface of the existence of paid disinfo posters, many have been trying to paint some of the most prominent ‘posters’ on each website who doesn’t agree with a certain rhetoric as somebody who is getting paid to post. This could be to aide the attacking of the most prominent posters which is displayed in the article below.

I should also point out that while this former disinformation poster was being paid to give opinions about Israel, the attacks on spiritual websites seem to be aimed much more toward stifling support for the ascension movement or for the Galactics and Angelics assisting in our ascension. I know this because the same tactics displayed and discussed in the article below are clearly employed, by people who usually argue and incite conflict between members about spirituality and Galactic-related topics.

Channeled messages and those who channel them are huge targets on spiritual websites, and written or channeled words will always be twisted around whilst a certain agenda is pushed with every comment. You will see some of the telling tactics that are employed as displayed by this article and we can hopefully start to look for and be able to recognize whenever a disinformation poster is making themself known. There are many members on many spiritual  sites who feel the sites are crawling with disinformation ‘posters’ who are employed to pass off a certain rhetoric [usually anti-Galactic] and to attack all who don’t fit in with that rhetoric.

Without furtuer ado, here is the article from a former disinformation ‘poster’. Recognize how the tactics displayed in this article are employed on a lot of spiritual forums. The best thing we can to is to recognize the energy of a post or message and how it feels and rather than letting your opinion about anything be fashioned by anyone, turn within at all times for any aspect of the truth because only by turning within will you find truth in its full purity.

I Was a Paid Internet Shill

I am writing here to come out of the closet as a paid shill. For a little over six months, I was paid to spread disinformation and argue political points on the Internet. This site, ATS, was NOT one that I was assigned to post on, although other people in the same organization were paid to be here, and I assume they still walk among you. But more on this later.

I quit this job in the latter part of 2011, because I became disgusted with it, and with myself. I realized I couldn’t look myself in the mirror anymore. If this confession triggers some kind of retribution against me, so be it. Part of being a real man in this world is having real values that you stand up for, no matter what the consequences.

My story begins in early 2011. I had been out of work for almost a year after losing my last job in tech support. Increasingly desperate and despondent, I jumped at the chance when a former co-worker called me up and said she had a possible lead for me. “It is an unusual job, and one that requires secrecy. But the pay is good. And I know you are a good writer, so its something you are suited for.” (Writing has always been a hobby for me). She gave me only a phone-number and an address, in one of the seedier parts of San Francisco, where I live. intrigued, I asked her for the company’s URL and some more info. She laughed. “They don’t have a website. Or even a name. You’ll see. Just tell them I referred you.” Yes, it sounded suspicious, but long-term joblessness breeds desperation, and desperation has a funny way of overlooking the suspicious when it comes to putting food on the table.

The next day, I arrived at the address – the third floor in a crumbling building. The appearance of the place did not inspire confidence. After walking down a long, filthy linoleum-covered corridor lit by dimly-flickering halogen, I came to the entrance of the office itself: a crudely battered metal door with a sign that said “United Amalgamated Industries, Inc.” I later learned that this “company” changed its name almost monthly, always using bland names like that which gave no strong impression of what the company actually does. Not too hopeful, I went inside. The interior was equally shabby. There were a few long tables with folding chairs, at which about a dozen people were tapping away on old, beat-up computers. There were no decorations or ornaments of any type: not even the standard-issue office fica trees or plastic ferns. What a dump. Well, beggars can’t be choosers.

The manager, a balding man in his late forties, rose from the only stand-alone desk in the room and came forward with an easy smile. “You must be Chris. Yvette [my ex-co-worker] told me you’d be coming.” [Not our real names]. “Welcome. Let me tell you a little about what we do.” No interview, nothing. I later learned they took people based solely on referral, and that the people making the referrals, like my ex-colleague Yvette, were trained to pick out candidates based on several factors including ability to keep one’s mouth shut, basic writing skills, and desperation for work.

We sat down at his desk and he began by asking me a few questions about myself and my background, including my political views (which were basically non-existent). Then he began to explain the job. “We work on influencing people’s opinions here,” is how he described it. The company’s clients paid them to post on Internet message boards and popular chartrooms, as well as in gaming forums and social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Who were these clients? “Oh, various people,” he said vaguely. “Sometimes private companies, sometimes political groups.” Satisfied that my political views were not strong, he said I would be assigned to political work. “The best people for this type of job are people like you, without strong views,” he said with a laugh. “It might seem counterintuitive, but actually we’ve found that to be the case.” Well, OK. Fine. As long as it comes with a steady paycheck, I’d believe whatever they wanted me to believe, as the guy in Ghostbusters said.

After discussing pay (which was much better than I’d hoped) and a few other details, he then went over the need for absolute privacy and secrecy. “You can’t tell anyone what we do here. Not your wife, not your dog.” (I have neither, as it happens.) “We’ll give you a cover story and even a phone number and a fake website you can use. You will have to tell people you are a consultant. Since your background is in tech support, that will be your cover job. Is this going to be a problem for you?” I assured him it would not. “Well, OK. Shall we get started?”

“Right now?” I asked, a bit taken aback.

“No time like the present!” he said with a hearty laugh.

The rest of the day was taken up with training. Another staff member, a no-nonsense woman in her thirties, was to be my trainer, and training would only last two days. “You seem like a bright guy, you’ll get the hang of it pretty fast, I think,” she said. And indeed, the job was easier than I’d imagined. My task was simple: I would be assigned to four different websites, with the goal of entering certain discussions and promoting a certain view. I learned later that some of the personnel were assigned to internet message boards (like me), while others worked on Facebook or chatrooms. It seems these three types of media each have different strategy for shilling, and each shill concentrates on one of the three in particular.

My task? “To support Israel and counter anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic posters.” Fine with me. I had no opinions one way or another about Israel, and who likes anti-Semites and Nazis? Not me, anyway. But I didn’t know too much about the topic. “That’s OK,” she said. “You’ll pick it up as you go along. For the most part, at first, you will be doing what we call “meme-patrol.” This is pretty easy. Later if you show promise, we’ll train you for more complex arguments, where more in-depth knowledge is necessary.”

She handed me two binders with sheets enclosed in limp plastic. The first was labeled simply “Israel” in magic-marker on the cover, and it had two sections .The first section contained basic background info on the topic. I would have to read and memorize some of this, as time went on. It had internet links for further reading, essays and talking points, and excerpts from some history books. The second, and larger, section was called “Strat” (short for “strategy”) with long lists of “dialogue pairs.” These were specific responses to specific postings. If a poster wrote something close to “X,” we were supposed to respond with something close to “Y.” “You have to mix it up a bit, though,” said my trainer. “Otherwise it gets too obvious. Learn to use a thesaurus.” This section also contained a number of hints for de-railing conversations that went too far away from what we were attempting. These strategies included various forms of personal attacks, complaining to the forum moderators, smearing the characters of our opponents, using images and icons effectively, and even dragging the tone of the conversation down with sexual innuendo, links to pornography, or other such things. “Sometimes we have to fight dirty,” or trainer told us. “Our opponents don’t hesitate to, so we can’t either.”

The second binder was smaller, and it contained information specific to the web sites I would be assigned to. The sites I would work were: Godlike Productions, Lunatic Outpost, CNN news, Yahoo News, and a handful of smaller sites that rotated depending on need. As stated, I was NOT assigned to work ATS (although others in my group were), which is part of the reason I am posting this here, rather than elsewhere. I wanted to post this on Godlike Productions at first, but they have banned me from even viewing that site for some reason (perhaps they are onto me?). But if somebody connected with this site can get the message to them, I think they should know about it, because that was the site I spent a good 70% of my time working on.

The site-specific info in the second binder included a brief history each site, including recent flame-wars, as well as info on what to avoid on each site so as not to get banned. It also had quite detailed info on the moderators and the most popular regged posters on each site: location (if known), personality type, topics of interest, background sketch, and even some notes on how to “push the psychological buttons” of different posters. Although I didn’t work for ATS, I did see they had a lot of info on your so-called “WATS” posters here (the ones with gold borders around their edges). “Focus on the popular posters,” my trainer told me. “These are the influential ones. Each of these is worth 50 to 100 of the lesser known names.” Each popular poster was classified as “hostile,” “friendly,” or “indifferent” to my goal. We were supposed to cultivate friendship with the friendly posters as well as the mods (basically, by brownnosing and sucking up), and there were even notes on strategies for dealing with specific hostile posters. The info was pretty detailed, but not perfect in every case. “If you can convert one of the hostile posters from the enemy side to our side, you get a nice bonus. But this doesn’t happen too often, sadly. So mostly you’ll be attacking them and trying to smear them.”

At first, like I said, my job was “meme-patrol.” This was pretty simple and repetitive; it involved countering memes and introducing new memes, and didn’t demand much in-depth knowledge of the subject. Mostly just repetitive posting based on the dialogue pairs in the “Strat” section of the first binder. A lot of my job was de-railing and spamming threads that didn’t go our way, or making accusations of racism and anti-Semitism. Sometimes I had to simply lie and claim a poster said something or did something “in another thread” they really hadn’t said or done I felt bad about this…but in the end I felt worse about the possibility of losing the first job I’d been able to get since losing my “real” job.

The funny thing was, although I started the job with no strong opinions or political views, after a few weeks of this I became very emotionally wedded to the pro-Israel ideas I was pushing. There must be some psychological factor at work…a good salesman learns to honestly love the products he’s selling, I guess. It wasn’t long before my responses became fiery and passionate, and I began to learn more about the topic on my own. “This is a good sign,” my trainer told me. “It means you are ready for the next step: complex debate.”

The “complex debate” part of the job involved a fair amount of additional training, including memorizing more specific information about the specific posters (friendly and hostile) I’d be sparring with. Here, too, there were scripts and suggested lines of argument, but we were given more freedom. There were a lot of details to this more advanced stage of the job – everything from how to select the right avatar to how to use “demotivationals” (humorous images with black borders that one finds floating around the web). Even the proper use of images of cats was discussed. Sometimes we used faked or photo-shopped images or doctored news reports (something else that bothered me).

I was also given the job of tying to find new recruits, people “like me” who had the personality type, ability to keep a secret, basic writing/thinking skills, and desperation necessary to sign on a shill. I was less successful at this part of the job, though, and I couldn’t find another in the time I was there.

After a while of doing this, I started to feel bad. Not because of the views I was pushing (as I said, I was first apolitical, then pro-Israel), but because of the dishonesty involved. If my arguments were so correct, I wondered, why did we have to do this in the first place? Shouldn’t truth propagate itself naturally, rather than through, well…propaganda? And who was behind this whole operation, anyway? Who was signing my paychecks? The stress of lying to my parents and friends about being a “consultant” was also getting to me. Finally, I said enough was enough. I quit in September 2011. Since then I’ve been working a series of unglamorous temp office jobs for lower pay. But at least I’m not making my living lying and heckling people who come online to express their views and exercise freedom of speech.

A few days ago I happened to be in the same neighborhood and on a whim thought I’d check out the old office. It turns out the operation is gone, having moved on. This, too, I understood, is part of their strategy: Don’t stay in the same place for too long, don’t keep the same name too long, move on after half a year or so. Keeping a low profile, finding new employees through word of mouth: All this is part of the shill way of life. But it is a deceptive way of life, and no matter how noble the goals (I remain pro-Israel, by the way), these sleazy means cannot be justified by the end.

This is my confession. I haven’t made up my mind yet about whether I want to talk more about this, so if I don’t respond to this thread, don’t be angry. But I think you should know: Shills exist. They are real. They walk among you, and they pay special attention to your popular gold-bordered WATS posters. You should be aware of this. What you choose to do with this awareness is up to you.



April 2012

More on channeling and discernment

Another great channeling about discerning and resonating with different channels. As you might have already read from earlier posts, I’m cautious about channeling itself but agree that if the message resonates with your Higher Self, then it is valuable. And this message does ring my inner bell…

Enjoy each experience now and relish each forward step. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

September 13, 2012 in MichaelRon’s Channeled Messages 

Spanish        Portuguese

We begin today’s message by noting with chagrin the current squabbles about different channels.  We see no positive potential in such conflict.  Channels receive information from whomever they resonate with.  Readers choose which to read or not read.  The ultimate choice is with the individual reader.  Discernment is urged when reading all channels.  At this point in your journey, you should be able to make such distinctions for yourselves, either between channels, or even between concepts from the same channel.  Please see that, in the developing conversation between our dimension and yours, you are growing and progressing daily.  It is not that we are coming to your rescue, dear ones.  It is that you are approaching the dimensional awareness which you have been estranged from.  You are, of course, free to hold whatever opinions you choose.  We ask, however that you not indulge in conflict between lightworkers.  This is not productive, and in many cases is taken advantage of by negative energies, if not indeed instigated by them.

On to happier thoughts.  We are very pleased with the flood of light engulfing your planet at this time, and even happier with the way you have prepared for it and used it.  There are still many millions of souls who have no conscious awareness of these things, but for those of you who do, the influence is becoming quite unmistakable.

Some are experiencing differing kinds of discomfort, fearing that they are not receiving or that they are ‘doing it wrong’.  You cannot do it wrong, my friends.  It is a new experience for you, and you must begin where you are.

Imagine you are learning to surf.  Some are up on the board in a few tries.  Some take a bit longer, even a lot longer, but their joy at riding that first wave will only be greater when they finally get it.  And do not feel you have to do it alone.  There are many around you now willing to give you a hand up, just as you will do yourself soon.

Many also are experiencing turmoil in their lives and forgetting to equate it to the clearing out of old energies which they have read about repeatedly of late.  This will pass, my friends, if you do not give it the energy it is used to receiving from you.  Thoughts are only your thoughts if you claim them with your attention.  And if thoughts are things, then things are thoughts, no?  Situations are beliefs.  Beliefs are causes.

But, at this juncture, you are receiving so much loving light from your Creator that you might just as well allow these things to pass.  Their frequency can now be surpassed by you and they will just cease.  We know that you are not used to that way of dealing with things, but you have never traveled this way before.

Begin to grasp now the power of who you are and where you are headed.  Understand the love and the trust your Creator has in you to allow you to do this amazing thing without interfering with your free will.  Try to see for yourself the awesome being we see when we look at you.  Don’t worry about your ego.  When you truly begin to grasp this, we promise you it will be a humbling experience.

Enjoy each experience now and relish each forward step.  We are, as always, by your side ready to help however we can.  Good day, dear hearts.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

Welcome to September — the last waltz of the tyrants (and the ego)

I’ve been feeling the strain of the increase in energies. My body at times feels like concrete, stiff and unyielding, as though it’s putting up a fight. When I’m outside taking a walk or anywhere in nature, this heavy load seems to lighten. Changes in the sun and the opening of light portals has been very transformative but oftentimes strenuous on my body. Without my twin flame, it would’ve been much worse. We’ve been holding hands literally and metaphysically through this time, doing our own dance before the Golden Age begins. Astrologer Mark Borax’s September report gives us a peek into what’s to come…

 Cosmic Weather Report:

The Great Initiation

September 2012

Westminster West, VT

Pregnant Earth



The plot thickens as Uranus squares Pluto for the second time this summer. This aspect, which is exact on September 18-19, is the main initiation portal of our time, designed to usher us out of the 2,000 year Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.


It’s a cosmic cervix, a birth canal through which civilization must pass in order to shed obsolete ways and enact the real reason why we’re here: To be the love that we are. To pass the initiation and enter the new age, everything blocking this reason has to come up and be dealt with until we clear the past. Over and over.


At such a time of global initiation, outbreaks of both paranoia and miracle mark the approach to the gate. The closer we come to finally living up to our inner purpose, the more retrogressive forces yank back in the opposite direction. The result is that humanity is being pushed and pulled like never before. On both a macrocosmic and microcosmic level, in world politics and personal relations, you’ve just been tossed into the winepress of the gods. Everything that’s not love is being squeezed and the pressure’s on.


From the Summer of 2012 though the Spring of 2015, Uranus (Revolution) and Pluto (Hell) are locked in this square dance that each of us is swept into whether we’re ready or not. I see the twenty-year period from 2012 to 2032 as the Make It or Break It time for Planet Earth. During this generation we’re either going to rise to fulfill our bright potential as a species or follow the false path we got locked onto into the abyss. The verdict isn’t in yet because you have a say in the matter. I have a say. Each one of us, no matter who we are and wherever we live, is being driven forward in personal evolution, then yanked backward by the parts of us that sabotage our true nature. In such a back-and-forth motion we get spun through the karmic rinse cycle that causes us to reassess who we are and what we’re doing from a deeper more authentic vantage point than ever before.


Soul Card 62 www.touchdrawing.comEverything based on lies and distortions is being grinded on the wheel of karma. Everything that’s not love is being bombarded by love. Every place you’re attached to a dying world culture is being blasted over and over by rays of change. At such a time of fierce transformation it’s easy to lose your way. In this early stage of the twenty-year Make-It-Or-Break-It entry into the New, chaos is needed to destabilize the false structures. Education systems that are false, like most public education that trains children like circus animals to leap through hoops, must be rejected. Political parties like Democrats and Republicans, based on wars that make the rich richer, must be rejected. Whatever part of you that caused you to give your dreams away to a destructive world system must be retrained to get back on the path of soul. Paths of love and meaning must replace this dead end.


When Revolution squares Hell, your own personal Hell must come up in your face over and over until you let yourself out of it. The moment you recognize your Hell as largely of your own making, you begin to change it. The moment you begin to see through the great chaos of our time as the necessary first stage of revolution, you begin to harness the deeper force of evolution rising from grass roots all across the planet.


The Initiation of 2012 is the first season of the new, but the new often seems to be anything-but -new until we see beyond the hooks and snares of a world gone mad. Dominant media and political forces will fool you into losing sight of what’s possible here, but the truth is that we’ve just entered an initiation zone that has the power to awaken millions of people from the Trance of Normalcy that set in when the 1960s ended and the great illusion set in that peace is an acid dream and love can’t happen. To revolt out of hell you have to stop telling yourself stories that you didn’t even know you were telling yourself. You have to trade stories of fear and lack for stories of hope and change.


Kat McAdams Rebirth
Rebirthing by Kat McAdams

There is a world that visionaries have told us about for thousands of years. It lives beyond the myopic world of corporate-owned newspapers. It vibrates deep within the human spirit, awaiting its discovery by more and more brave souls willing to venture beyond what their parents told them. Each time another person revolts out of the modern hell, we harness the current astrological forces of change to bring that world one step closer into being. The modern hell is the fallacy that nothing counts and there is no future. It’s the lie that the corrupt rich always win. It’s the illusion that you’re here to punch a clock and never be true to yourself.

As the Planet of Revolution wrestles with the God of Death now and for the next three years, everything in the way of love and change must come up for us to wrestle with – and upon that wrestling match lies the fate of the world. Waves of kindred spirit, hope and inspiration clash and crash with fierce riptides of chaos and confusion. Like all spiritual initiations, what doesn’t kill you makes you strong and what kills you makes you stronger. It’s only your ego dying. It’s only your past self floating away downstream while some deeper love resurrects.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?

Mark Borax is a Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers personal readings over the telephone and classes that catalyze individual evolution.

A statement on channeling

I often read changelings and find them both inspirational and provocative. Sometimes the messages resonate and other times they confuse. It’s always a good idea to keep in mind that these messages are filtered through the 3D human mind and can be contaminated by ego or not so nice service-to-self entities. Here’s an excellent perspective posted by Will in The Galactic Free Press:

Thoughts on Channelings

will's picture

By will – Posted on 04 September 2012

I’d like to share my observations about channelers and channeling, as there has been much controversy surrounding them. Channeling allows for some very wonderful information to come through, and it has assisted millions of people with their own evolution. For many readers, and the channelers themselves, it is the easiest way they have to connect in with the Higher Realms. It gives people inspiration, drive and direction and encourages people to go beyond their boundaries. While channeling has many beautiful aspects, it also has some limitations that people would do well to be aware of.

Channeled information doesn’t come through in English, Spanish, or any other language spoken on Earth. It comes through telepathically as Pure Thought, the Universal Language, and it’s the channeler that translates it into English. For most channelers, this happens automatically. Their brain takes the thought of a tree and turns it into the word “tree”, so it appears that the Being they are channeling is communicating in their language. This works quite well to convey certain understandings, but 5D Thought is notoriously difficult to express in a language that revolves around a 3d experience. Things can very easily get mixed up, both on the part of the channeler, and on the part of the reader.

Most channelers, despite claiming to channel beings like Sananda, Compte de Saint Germaine, or various Arch Angels, are really “channeling” their own Higher Self. This is not a criticism, this is a good thing, as the opportunity now is for all of Humanity to reconnect with their Higher Selves. It matters very little if you are talking to your Higher Self or some famous “Ascended Master”, as your own Higher Self is very much an Ascended Master already. In many ways, the channelings are part of the channelers own path to Awakening and the personal evolution of the channeler can be seen through the channelings if one pays close attention.

There are some people who follow channelers in the same way they’d follow some religion, believing every word that is said. To these people I recommend this: Connect with the Truth within you, do not become dependent upon channelers. If you can’t trust yourself, how can you trust anybody else? If you have no idea what is true, how would you know if someone else is sharing truth with you? The real information will lead you back to Your Self, it will assist you in finding your own connection to Reality. The unimportant information will keep you focused upon the “outer” world, upon finding some freedom in the “future” instead of re-connecting to that freedom that has all-ways been yours, in the Heart of the Now.

Channeling is not infallible, in fact, nothing written can ever be wholly True. Take what I’m saying here, I know what I mean, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get the same understanding when reading it. Our languages are too open to misinterpretation, mistranslation and too limited to really communicate Universal Truth. The words are like a finger pointing at the Moon, and people get so caught up in the “truth” of the finger that they miss the Moon. This is why it’s so important for each Being to discover their own Connection to the Truth, and not get lost in the words of others.

Ultimately, there’s no need to channel. 5D Reality is already Everywhere Present, it’s available now for everyone to integrate into every aspect of our Lives. Becoming too reliant on techniques like channeling to connect to the Higher Realms can actually hold us back. Higher Consciousness needs to come into every Moment of our Lives if we really want to be Whole again. So long as engaging Higher Consciousness is a “sometimes” thing, the Being is divided.

Channelers still have at least some ego, if they didn’t they’d already be in 5D Consciousness and have no need to channel, they’d just speak as their own Self. The channeler is usually able to go beyond their ego and limited mind, to channel in the Higher Truth, but not always. Channelers aren’t “better” than everybody else, they have bad days too, and sometimes they fall into the traps of fear and suffering just like other people. When this happens, their messages reflect it and often the channelers own mind starts to creep in. Instead of the messages coming from a Higher Source, they start to reflect the channeler’s own desires. Because of the nature of channeling, if the channeler isn’t clear themselves, they can start to be influenced by astral entities, and then they really start descending into fantasy and fear-based information.

The channeler cannot be separated from the message they are channeling, and the messages always contains at least some input from the channelers themselves. Channeling is more of a translation of Higher Thought than a dictation. A Higher Vibrational Being does not force their will upon anybody and each channeled message is a co-creation. If the channeler really doesn’t want to hear something they’ll either ignore it and not include it in the message, or misinterpret it.

Let me finish with saying I didn’t write this to discourage people from  reading channeled messages or channeling themselves. I wanted to look at channeling holistically, and keep clear of the extremes that claim channeling is the ultimate source of Truth, or that all channelings are the work of “evil” forces. Channeling is still a useful tool, so long as one keeps clear of the pitfalls and uses it as a tool for finding the Truth within themselves.


Will & The Galactic Free Press


I, Will, the author of this piece, release it into Public Domain. You are free to share it, and even modify it, without any conditions.


P.S. Notice how often channelers claim they own the copyright to “their” messages. If it’s really coming from a being like Sananda, why would they claim to own the rights to the message?



Another message of victory for the Light?

What can I say — I’m a crop circle addict. One of the most amazing crop circles appeared on August 26, 2012 in Wiltshire, England. Okay, so I’m a few days late with the news, but I’m still recovering from a head-spinning meeting with my twin flame on August 12th (see my previous post). When I first saw this crop circle, my jaw dropped in awe. The 3D box and intricacy are just plain crazy. It was mentioned in Cobra’s blog as a sign that the “compression grid” was activated. I have noticed more clarity in the clouds and the skies. There’s a feeling of refinement in the air. I don’t know if this directly has something to do with the uplift of vibrations, but I’m darn sure Mother Earth is going through some energy changes. My twin flame and I (each in our own unique way) are feeling the effects of these higher frequencies, especially since the Blue Moon on August 31. We are currently going through a rapid cycle of emotional surfacing, resurfacing, and releasing of personal crap. That’s another story…Enjoy this crop circle and check out the in-depth comments on this link, which gives an excellent decoding.