Welcome to September — the last waltz of the tyrants (and the ego)

I’ve been feeling the strain of the increase in energies. My body at times feels like concrete, stiff and unyielding, as though it’s putting up a fight. When I’m outside taking a walk or anywhere in nature, this heavy load seems to lighten. Changes in the sun and the opening of light portals has been very transformative but oftentimes strenuous on my body. Without my twin flame, it would’ve been much worse. We’ve been holding hands literally and metaphysically through this time, doing our own dance before the Golden Age begins. Astrologer Mark Borax’s September report gives us a peek into what’s to come…

 Cosmic Weather Report:

The Great Initiation

September 2012

Westminster West, VT

Pregnant Earth



The plot thickens as Uranus squares Pluto for the second time this summer. This aspect, which is exact on September 18-19, is the main initiation portal of our time, designed to usher us out of the 2,000 year Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.


It’s a cosmic cervix, a birth canal through which civilization must pass in order to shed obsolete ways and enact the real reason why we’re here: To be the love that we are. To pass the initiation and enter the new age, everything blocking this reason has to come up and be dealt with until we clear the past. Over and over.


At such a time of global initiation, outbreaks of both paranoia and miracle mark the approach to the gate. The closer we come to finally living up to our inner purpose, the more retrogressive forces yank back in the opposite direction. The result is that humanity is being pushed and pulled like never before. On both a macrocosmic and microcosmic level, in world politics and personal relations, you’ve just been tossed into the winepress of the gods. Everything that’s not love is being squeezed and the pressure’s on.


From the Summer of 2012 though the Spring of 2015, Uranus (Revolution) and Pluto (Hell) are locked in this square dance that each of us is swept into whether we’re ready or not. I see the twenty-year period from 2012 to 2032 as the Make It or Break It time for Planet Earth. During this generation we’re either going to rise to fulfill our bright potential as a species or follow the false path we got locked onto into the abyss. The verdict isn’t in yet because you have a say in the matter. I have a say. Each one of us, no matter who we are and wherever we live, is being driven forward in personal evolution, then yanked backward by the parts of us that sabotage our true nature. In such a back-and-forth motion we get spun through the karmic rinse cycle that causes us to reassess who we are and what we’re doing from a deeper more authentic vantage point than ever before.


Soul Card 62 www.touchdrawing.comEverything based on lies and distortions is being grinded on the wheel of karma. Everything that’s not love is being bombarded by love. Every place you’re attached to a dying world culture is being blasted over and over by rays of change. At such a time of fierce transformation it’s easy to lose your way. In this early stage of the twenty-year Make-It-Or-Break-It entry into the New, chaos is needed to destabilize the false structures. Education systems that are false, like most public education that trains children like circus animals to leap through hoops, must be rejected. Political parties like Democrats and Republicans, based on wars that make the rich richer, must be rejected. Whatever part of you that caused you to give your dreams away to a destructive world system must be retrained to get back on the path of soul. Paths of love and meaning must replace this dead end.


When Revolution squares Hell, your own personal Hell must come up in your face over and over until you let yourself out of it. The moment you recognize your Hell as largely of your own making, you begin to change it. The moment you begin to see through the great chaos of our time as the necessary first stage of revolution, you begin to harness the deeper force of evolution rising from grass roots all across the planet.


The Initiation of 2012 is the first season of the new, but the new often seems to be anything-but -new until we see beyond the hooks and snares of a world gone mad. Dominant media and political forces will fool you into losing sight of what’s possible here, but the truth is that we’ve just entered an initiation zone that has the power to awaken millions of people from the Trance of Normalcy that set in when the 1960s ended and the great illusion set in that peace is an acid dream and love can’t happen. To revolt out of hell you have to stop telling yourself stories that you didn’t even know you were telling yourself. You have to trade stories of fear and lack for stories of hope and change.


Kat McAdams Rebirth
Rebirthing by Kat McAdams

There is a world that visionaries have told us about for thousands of years. It lives beyond the myopic world of corporate-owned newspapers. It vibrates deep within the human spirit, awaiting its discovery by more and more brave souls willing to venture beyond what their parents told them. Each time another person revolts out of the modern hell, we harness the current astrological forces of change to bring that world one step closer into being. The modern hell is the fallacy that nothing counts and there is no future. It’s the lie that the corrupt rich always win. It’s the illusion that you’re here to punch a clock and never be true to yourself.

As the Planet of Revolution wrestles with the God of Death now and for the next three years, everything in the way of love and change must come up for us to wrestle with – and upon that wrestling match lies the fate of the world. Waves of kindred spirit, hope and inspiration clash and crash with fierce riptides of chaos and confusion. Like all spiritual initiations, what doesn’t kill you makes you strong and what kills you makes you stronger. It’s only your ego dying. It’s only your past self floating away downstream while some deeper love resurrects.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?

Mark Borax is a Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers personal readings over the telephone and classes that catalyze individual evolution.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to September — the last waltz of the tyrants (and the ego)

  1. wow. thank you for posting this, and making me feel validated. every day is different, because i’m FEELING EVERYTHING around me. i could be ready to run for president one day, and feeling like the bottom of a gutter the next. but it’s not ME feeling this way, it’s the collective battle among us, and i’m just an empath, waiting for my next mission… some days are just way harder than others…

  2. I’m glad this helped you. We are all doing clearing work on many levels. For me, this detoxification happens at the dream level. However, the energies are so strong now that I can feel the clearing out occurring during my waking hours. As you say, it is a collective battle because we are also doing this on a planetary level. It’s been rough, but overall a transformative and positive experience. Let’s all keep sharing and holding hands until the party starts…

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