An old scribble from 11 years ago

On day two of cleaning out old papers and junk from my apartment, I found this old scribble I wrote almost 11 years to this day. It sums up my feelings of this decade and how close we are to finally climbing out of the abyss of duality. This was written with thoughts of the 9-11 event fresh in my mind. 

October 10, 2001

The world is filled with so much hate and love…but who should we hate, and who should we love? It all sounds so simple — United We Stand, God Bless America; Love our nation and hate those who hate us; Be suspicious of men “with towels on their heads” (as one old man said to me).

I am reminded or fear rather that this could be a Shakespearean tragedy of Hamlet proportions — where most of the cast dies in the end. What act are we in now? “Readiness is all.” And nations are armed and ready for war. Will there be a generation left to pick up the pieces of its predecessors? Balance and order in those damned Shakespearean plays were always achieved at the cost of lives, so that the next cycle could begin.

I pray:

Let this not be a comedy of errors,

or a tragedy of biblical proportions.

Let us live and learn,

not die and forget,

not avenge and murder.

Let us transcend this horrible experience

with peace and love…




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