Solara’s Surf Update for October 14, 2012

For the past several days now, I’ve been cleaning out old papers, CDs, DVDs, books, and anything else just collecting dust. Only minutes after telling my twin flame about my mission to de-clutter, I get this energy surf update from Solara. After reading the first paragraph, I had to laugh. It really is time to clear out the old, allow the Who We Really Are Now to sparkle, and become part of the light grid surrounding Gaia. Let it shine and shift…


It’s been a strong week with powerful solar storms. These alternately energize us or flatten us. When we are flattened, we collapse back into a profound state of Quantum Deep where we want to be ultra quiet and sleep as much as possible. And when we are energized, we leap into action full of enthusiasm and excitement. This is when we finally notice that our home needs a thorough cleaning. And again, physical activity brings us into the HERE and NOW, while mental activity often makes us feel tired.

There’s the feeling that we’ve passed yet another major Turning Point. Something undiscernable has clicked into position and the wheels are turning again, only this time there’s a new smoothness to our forward motion. We are steadily moving into brand new territory. The sense of unstuckness is becoming ever stronger. ‘A Mu’a is happening, allowing us to see more of the Unseen that was always around us, just waiting to be discovered.

With this comes the realization that our True Lives are unfolding perfectly. We are effortlessly being propelled into our New Landscapes. We don’t need to think about it; we don’t need to worry about the details or plan things out. Nothing needs to be controlled. Everything is happening in its absolutely right timing. All we have to do is be TRUE and REAL.

A few days ago, I finally went to Machu Picchu. This was the first time that I’ve felt called to go there after living in Peru for nearly two years. It was a significant journey since I hadn’t been there for 17 years. The last time I was there was in 1995 when we had special permission to make an all night ceremony with 140 people. During the ceremony, there was an accident and a very dear man from our group fell off the edge of the mountain and died.

When this happened, I experienced a profound shattering that affected all aspects of my life. It felt like a massive earthquake had suddenly obliterated all that I had known and held dear. I felt that I had been instantly disconnected from my spiritual path. It shattered my extremely precious love relationship and I spent the next eleven years trying to recover from this loss. I lost many people whom I had been working with. I felt betrayed by one of my most sacred lineages. I lost confidance in my knowingness. My entire known landscape was suddenly filled with rubble, making it entirely unrecognizable. This forced me to laboriously forge a new path through the mountains of debris and it took me years to pick up the pieces of my life. After that, I vowed never to return to Machu Picchu….

For the past several months, it has become obvious that I needed to return to the scene of the crime, so to speak. Only this time, I needed to go to Machu Picchu as Who I Am Now, not as who I used to be. I was ready and willing and only became a tiny bit nervous the day before we went.

When we got there, Machu Picchu was soft, beautiful and full of love. It felt much better than it ever had before. I revisited my special places. I forgave Machu Picchu and those who had betrayed us 17 years ago. I was deeply grateful to discover that the old residue of trauma was gone from both Machu Picchu and from within me. I felt freed from the past like never before.

What was truly amazing is that the energy of AN was so strong. There is a mountain there called Putucusi which to me has always felt like a Queen of AN. This time, she was embodying the AN energy so strongly; she had become a vibrant, living Beacon of AN. For most of my time there, all I could do was to sit quietly and align with her. It felt like we were two parts of the same being.

From the lifeless ashes of my old shattering, an infinitely vaster, more real and true part of myself has now emerged. I am no longer Inca. I have one more month to walk the Final Miles of the old Solara of the 11:11. I am now becoming pure AN.

And I share my story with you to let you know that all of us can be healed and transformed from our shatterings. Who We Were Then is not WHO WE ARE NOW. The people and places of our old traumas are not the same as they used to be. It’s time for us to be fully liberated from our painful experiences of the past by seeing them with the eyes of Who We Really Are. This moves everything to a totally new level and we are released.

I dedicate this Surf Update with my Deepest Love to those precious Surf Subscribers who were in Machu Picchu with me 17 years ago.

With True Heart Love,

The NVISIBLE * 11:11

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The new website of the Heart of AN.


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