The war on truth or McCarthyism revived: “Official” sources crack down on “fake news” sites

Facebook, Google, President Obama, and corporate media are telling us fake news site influenced the 2016 Presidential election. Whose to blame for this “bad” info  according to The Washington Post…(war drumroll please)…Russia! A list has been conveniently compiled for us by which calls itself “Your Friendly Neighborhood Propaganda Identification Service, Since 2016!”

As (itself listed as a Russian news ally) points out:

shady website that claims “Russia is Manipulating US Opinion Through Online Propaganda” has compiled a blacklist of websites its anonymous authors accuse of pushing fake news and Russian propaganda. The blacklist includes over 200 outlets, from the right-wing Drudge Report and Russian government-funded Russia Today, to Wikileaks and an array of marginal conspiracy and far-right sites. The blacklist also includes some of the flagship publications of the progressive left, including Truthdig, Counterpunch, Truthout, Naked Capitalism, and the Black Agenda Report, a leftist African-American opinion hub that is critical of the liberal black political establishment.

Called PropOrNot, the blacklisting organization was described by the Washington Post’s Craig Timberg as “a nonpartisan collection of researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds.” The Washington Post agreed to preserve the anonymity of the group’s director on the grounds that exposure could result in their being targeted by “Russia’s legions of skilled hackers.” The Post failed to explain what methods PropOrNot relied on to conclude that “stories planted or promoted by the Russian disinformation campaign were viewed more than 213 million times.” (Timberg also cited a report co-authored by Aaron Weisburg, founder of the one-man anti-Palestinian “Internet Haganah” operation, who has been accused of interfering in federal investigations, stealing the personal information of anarchists, online harassment, and fabricating information to smear his targets.)

Many of the sites listed such as,, and (btw this link has been blocked even as I type this) are a few check I check out, and some of the other sites listed as Russian propaganda I’ve visited a handful of times. *Disclaimer: I am not a tool for Russian propaganda; I just want the truth.

My discernment meter here is going wild. This overt desperate tactic is a futile attempt to quell the tide of truth and light which grows stronger every day when regular citizens like myself voice our opinions which are supposedly allowed under the First Amendment.

We are tired of the b.s. We are tired of being herded into the pen like sheep. We are tired of being distracted by useless information. We are tired of being told what and how to think. We are tired of being divided up by professional trolls and agents in the (purposely biased) media, internet discussion groups, and craigslist ads stirring up tensions on race, gender, and sexuality. Time to come out of the closet and unite against this elitist agenda that uses labels against us. As they say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” I’d rather be a bird then sheep. What about you?




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