Radu Cinamar’s The Secret Parchment and ancient alien ruins of Antarctica

An interesting synchronicity happened to me yesterday on the topic of Antarctica, which has lately been in the news, which I will get to in a moment.

Corey Goode of Gaia’s Cosmic Disclosure had posted some intel in August on the goings on around Antarctica, which is apparently a hotbed of activity now. He said “recent reports stated actual family members and high ranking syndicate members were pouring into these underground bases like ants before a storm.” In a secret flyby with Kaaree [his inner earth Anshar contact], Goode saw some super secret bases down there:

In these briefings she learned that our recent reconnaissance flight into the icy caverns of Antarctica had highly disturbed the individuals who are responsible for security at these installations.


They were most shocked that their advanced technology did not detect the presence of the Anshar Bus Craft.


This not only had a psychological impact on those who work at these facilities, but it was communicated to me that specific areas under the ice were made public. These are ancient sites that are fairly significant on a number of levels.

I later found out that the remains of an ancient civilization were being excavated. They are cataloguing artifacts, technology and have found some interesting remains of the inhabitants.

The reports that provided the intelligence to a specific group in the Alliance were too late to be used as actionable intel. At the time the briefing was originally delivered, a faction of the Alliance was already positioned and running an operation in the Antarctic region.

In one of the Wikileaks’ John Podesta email dumps, photos of Antarctica were released attached to an email with the subject line in Chinese translated as “The iceberg dissolves rapidly.”  


Strangely, Secretary of State John Kerry visited Antarctica supposedly for “climate change” reasons during the week of the 2016 US Presidential election in November.

More recently on Dec. 1, 2016,  the 86-year-old Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin was medically evacuated from Antarctica while visiting there with a “tourist group.” He also happens to be an active proponent of Mars colonization.

So all of these news items were in the back of my mind, when unexpectedly, I picked up where I left off in The Secret Parchment (Transylvania Series Book). In 2007, Radu Cinamar (whom I wrote about in an earlier post) is dispatched with a technical team for a mission to Macor, an American base in Antarctica. He describes the briefing report [my emphases in bold italics]:

On January 22nd 2007, technical equipment of the base recorded an unusual activity on one of the lower mountain peaks which area a maximum of twenty kilometers away from the base. Similar odd “signals” had also been recorded in two other locations the previous year which showed a special triangulation with the Macor location: the Orăștie Mountains in Romania and Mount McKinley in Alaska.

The surprise came in January when these points were connected in their turn by the indication of a resultant in cosmic space having Europa, a moon of Jupiter, as its target…

It said the precise area of Antarctica near Macor Base had melted down in two hours and had revealed an extraordinarily complex technological device on one of the mountain slopes…

The object had the shape of the frustum of a cone with an elliptical base. It obviously worked as a kind of “cosmic buoy.” It had the approximate size of a three story building; and near the top, at about two thirds from the base, it had a kind of “collar” like a wide fan, possibly a kind of antenna…

The report further stated that it was impossible to identify the exceptional source of energy which could melt that huge mass of ice in two hours because the buoy was covered in a 210 meter thick layer of ice, but it was obvious that the source came from inside the device.

If you look at that odd Wikileaks email again with the photos attached, notice the date of 2008 only one year after the event and also the subject of rapidly melting icebergs!

In David Wilcock’s post ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal, he talks about the possibility of the cabal distracting the public from Pizzagate with disclosure of ancient alien ruins in Antartica:

The power elite may well be hoping that such a civilization-defining “game changer” could make any and all preceding news stories irrelevant and forgotten.

There seems to be a buildup to some kind of disclosure of the Antarctica kind. And this personal synchronicity makes me think it is a strong possibility. I had no idea when I started reading The Secret Parchment that it would have anything to do with Antarctica but instead would focus on the translation of the Tibetan scroll written by Padmashambhava. It was a surprising delight, and I’m only half way into the book. I will be making further updates on this topic when I finish the book. To be continued…