The OA: A fascinating new Netflix series worth watching during the holiday season

I just finished watching 8 episodes of The OA, a new series which many have crudely compared to Stranger Things (like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek) because they are both produced by Netflix and contain supernatural elements, resulting in some unfavorable reviews in the For audiences looking for that “cool factor,” this show is not for you.


The OA stars Brit Marling whose movies include Another Earth and The East, both of which I enjoyed. She is captivating and sensitive in the role of Prairie Johnson, who mysteriously resurfaces after being missing for seven years. The special effects are low budget, but the story mesmerizes.

If you’re into science fiction, you may think it too spiritual; If you’re into the paranormal, you may think it isn’t scary enough; If you’re into mysteries, you might enjoy it but think it too far-fetched.

The show is a combination of Gaia meets Carlos Castaneda meets The Blacklist. It’s not the smartest show I’ve seen, nor the best. What I like is that the characters transcend the typical TV show stereotypes and discover what the OA calls the “Invisible Self.” This is the real underlining story behind the secretive mission that unfolds in this drama.

I agree with this reviewer on

For The Overwhelming Minority

10/10Author:greyfatherfrom United States18 December 2016

 This show is undoubtedly going to suffer bad reviews. The majority of people who actually make it through all 8 episodes aren’t going to fully understand it. Most will see what is directly in front of them and interpret the most basic parts of the story and think that they have a handle on things. Ultimately they are likely to be plagued with feelings of frustration as they sense that they aren’t quite up to the task of realizing it’s true depth. To reiterate, works like this require that you willingly give up some control in order to enjoy them. Not everyone is willing to do that. Not everyone is capable of doing that. Some people don’t even know what that truly means. It is undoubtedly brave for Marling and crew, who are backed by entities known to be living on the fringes of society, to create such a show given the sheer number of individuals who will never be able to fully appreciate it.

This story might be completely fictional, but it is not entirely science-fiction. I am glad this work was produced and that it has found it’s way out and into the wild for people to enjoy. Thank you for making this show.

Check it out on Netflix if you feel the need for some televised escapism and don’t feel like reading, meditating, or interacting with others this holiday season. Take a break from all the chaos. Enjoy.