A geopolitical dream from 2008 sheds light on the deteriorating diplomacy between US and Russia

I’d like to share an interesting dream I had during the summer of 2008. I feel that now is the time to share this dream with the few who visit my blog. Every so often, I write down my dreams in the hopes that I can solve their cryptic messages. Sometimes, I discover their meanings within a few hours, and sometimes it takes a few years. Like David Wilcock, I believe in the importance of dreams as a window to the psyche as well as future events.

Well, this particular dream I’m about to share has prepared me for the current geopolitical events centered around Vladimir Putin. Had I not had this very memorable dream, I would be more willing to doubt his role in the alliance against the criminal syndicate of the cabal. Maybe (and that’s the very faintest of maybes) I would be more willing to accept the mainstream narrative about Russia.

It was a very puzzling dream at the time because it happened around the 2008 US Presidential Election. Many Americans on the left had fallen for the charisma of Barack Obama. I, on the other hand, had become a great admirer of Dr. Ron Paul.

He did not pander and very rarely changed his stance on any issue. To me, he was a true statesman and actually cared about his constituents. Most importantly, Ron Paul was neither a Washington insider nor a power player.

Interestingly, his supporters were very diverse, passionate, and creative. Just search for the 2008 Ron Paul presidential candidate videos in YouTube, and you will find some moving ones made by his supporters. My favorite campaign stunt that his supporters came up with was the Ron Paul billboard blimp that said “Who is Ron Paul? Google Ron Paul.”


Although I do not like to label myself politically, I have to stress that it’s the centralization of corrupted/corruptible power that concerned me most and drew me to the libertarian ideas of Dr. Ron Paul. While I did not agree with everything in his campaign (being a bit more socially liberal), I loved his gentle and steadfast demeanor. Many seemed to swoon at the speeches of Barack Obama (especially after years of hearing the awkward GW Bush I suppose). Yet, I was completely untouched by Obama’s drawing power and found Paul’s straightforwardness more striking.

It was in the backdrop of this 2008 campaign that I had this rather impersonal geopolitical dream. Since my dream journal from that time is buried somewhere in a box, I will recall the important parts of the dream from memory, one which I’ve pondered over many times…

The Geopolitical Dream from the Summer of 2008

In this dream, I saw Vladimir Putin standing out on a pier overlooking a huge lake. The lake was surrounded by heavy woods. Somehow I detected the presence of the Chinese somewhere in close proximity, but they never actually appeared in the dream. I just knew the Chinese were on the periphery of Putin and out in the woods.

Russia New Yearlakepier

As Putin was standing on this pier, two Western (most likely American) spies were hiding underneath the structure. They were trying to read his mind as he stared out at the lake. Putin was thinking about NASA. He was wondering about the agency’s plans for a global land rover/surveyor.

Some distance away (I assume Africa), I saw various groups of African tribes being lined up and slaughtered. They were taken up to the top of this hill, beheaded, and pushed down the slope. In one of the lines, I saw a young African woman desperately planning her escape. As she was herded across this covered bridge or structure, she sees a strange object dangling within reach. It was palm-sized and circular with other features which I cannot recall.

Somehow I knew that this object was an alien artifact. The woman grabs it for some reason and makes a run for it. She runs into this heavily wooded area with the alien object in hand. As she runs further, she spots a Caucasian man running at cheetah-like speed towards her. The woman knows that she is near the border and thinks that maybe the man will help her. He is an American working for the CIA. As he nears her, he grabs the artifact from her hand and continues his inhumanly fast-paced sprint away.

The woman is left bereft and wanders about helplessly. A small group of three (?) people comes across her. They are either Afrikaners or Western Europeans dressed like their vacationing on a cruise. The woman is heckled and harassed by this small group of people. She tries to run from them but is chased up this wooden tower that had a megaphone at the top.


These “vacationers” continue to taunt and harass the woman who is clinging at the top of this tower. They eventually topple it, and the woman comes crashing down.

In the next scene, I see a large group of elites dressed in suits sitting on bleachers somewhere deep in the woods. They were from various industries and commerce. The meeting was secret, and they were planning something.

*** End of Dream ***

There was more to the dream, but these details were the meat of it. I had no idea when I woke up why I was dreaming about Putin alongside NASA, alien artifacts, and a hidden elite. Although I had been very much interested most of my life in the hidden aspects of world history and such forbidden topics as UFOs, secret societies, etc., I had never really thought about Vladimir Putin beyond how he is portrayed in the American media. No need to post the many photos of Putin bare-chested riding a horse and a bear (fake pic of course), fishing, and hunting.

There was some grand chessboard that I had tuned into without any conscious effort. After the events of the past few years, I now know why I had this geopolitical dream. According to Corey Goode and David Wilcock in Cosmic Disclosure, Vladimir Putin is part of an alliance along with China (though I think there is still some conflict here with Chinese interests) and other nations to break away from the stranglehold of the cabal. NASA is a front for the Secret Space Programs that are decades more advanced about which Putin surely knows.

The alien artifact in my dream represents the elites’ plundering of our planet’s alien heritage for their own selfish purposes. As Radu Cinamar tells in his book Transylvania Sunrise, top-level Freemasons had a hand in keeping ancient alien sites hidden from the world as they hoarded all the secrets and knowledge. The slaughter of African native tribes can be seen in their complete disregard for the populations of this planet whom they deem rabble and “useless eaters.”

The CIA agent in the dream steals the alien artifact from the woman, who at first had hoped he was her savior. Currently, the FBI and DHS are accusing Russia of hacking the US Presidential election in favor of Trump in the JAR, Joint Analysis Report: “The U.S. Government is referring to this malicious cyber activity by RIS as GRIZZLY STEPPE.” And CIA director John Brennan agrees with the assessment. But at least one ex-CIA agent thinks this is bogus, stating:

There is no evidence of particular mal-intent that can be traced back to the Russian government, much less to Vladimir Putin. Nine of the thirteen pages of the report deal with advice on how to keep your system from being hacked.

The “vacationers” in the dream are the people in the West who are still asleep and do not wish to hear the truth, knocking over the megaphone of truth in their ignorance. We have been trained to not think critically and even to mock those who question, calling them conspiracy theorists, a term which was created by the CIA in 1967 to attack those who would question the official narrative.

More interpretations can be gleaned, but my whole point in sharing this dream is that many of us are being prepared for when the s**t hits the fan and for some unwholesome truths to be disclosed. When I’m in tune with my Higher Self, surprising information surfaces often through my dreams and less often in my waking thoughts. This allows me to see the pieces of the puzzle in a larger context.

Despite all the political intrigues, we should remember not to get too caught up in the drama and focus on finding that inner stillness. Doing this will keep the chaos from tuning out the Higher Self and getting us lost in the madness of current events. And who knows what else we might find in our dreams when our channels are clear?