Kp Message 1-24-17… “Regarding ‘The Trump’ (aka ‘The Donald’) (aka ‘The Hero’) (aka ‘The Devil’) (take your pick)”

[Below is a repost from Kauilapele’s Blog. It is difficult to see the bigger game, the grand chessboard being played by the Earth/SSP Alliances against the Elites/Illuminati/Cabal. So far, Trump’s actions have lived up to the political left’s worst fears. As much as I try and see things as a game being played by these sides (and many other sides), some things like the approval of Keystone XL do not sit well with me. Kauilapele’s post nicely summarizes my own thoughts. ~DV]

Kp Message 1-24-17… “Regarding ‘The Trump’ (aka ‘The Donald’) (aka ‘The Hero’) (aka ‘The Devil’) (take your pick)”


I know a few out there are wondering why I’m posting some things about Trump and not others. Right now, I’m more looking at what appear to be indications that major positive changes are occurring (not “positive” if you’re the “cabal”, of course).

There are a lot of items that appear upward pointing from the brand new administration (withdrawing from TTP, investigating vaccine abuse, repeal of ACA(+? -?), US infrastructure projects), and some which do not appear upward pointing (“approval” of DAPLKeystone XL, US-Mexico wall (not sure where that one is, yet)). On the surface, some of those look very not what I would be for.

Well, in any event, when guided to look into some of these things, I’m now choosing to go to and actually read some of these things, from that source.

Right now I am not judging or evaluating what the Trump administration appears to be doing. I’m just reading some things they put out. I do feel, and know, that this whole process is part of a major overall “draining of the old swamp” and “constructing of the new foundation” for the entity known as the united states of America (Republic, not corporation) and its people. It is intended to uplift the overall “Hope Level” for those who have been struggling in the US. I know that is happening.

I’m not going to address every single thing that they do or propose. But I will continue to follow the Guidance that I “get”, and the paradigm I have always used with this blog:

I post what I “get” to post.

If you care to read more about that, here is a relevant Kp blog post.