You know it’s bad in the American political sphere when Peter Mt. Shasta “unfollows” some FaceBook friends

I check my FaceBook rather sparingly and happened to come upon Peter Mt. Shasta’s FB post from Jan.11, 2017.
I’ve read a few books from Peter Mt. Shasta. They are about his amazing personal spiritual journeys encompassing decades of lifelong learning that eventually led him to the “I AM” teachings – essentially we are individuated expressions of “God” or Intelligent Infinity, whatever term you wish to use.
It’s rather difficult to talk to people in these highly divisive times without coming to the realization that we are operating on information asymmetry, a term I learned from reading FreakonomicsWe each have a different knowledge set and understanding of the world around us, depending upon what we read in the media (mainstream or alternative), what groups we identify with, and how independently we think outside of those influences.
From my personal experience, most Americans are operating on little true information about how things actually are, and that is by design. The Deep State, Cabal, Establishment, Illuminati, etc. continue to exist because various groups are divided from each other through misinformation, disinformation, and social engineering.
It seems to me that “they” want another civil war and are continuously fanning the flames of division between left and right, black and white, and whatever duality you can imagine. That is how they have always operated and continue to successfully do so. Furthermore, this is a nation of soundbites and headlines. The majority never question the content and quite blindly accept biased media masquerading as journalism.
Peter Mt. Shasta is one of the spiritual teachers which I currently find resonance. For more information read his quick bio below from his site:
About Peter Mt. Shasta and his mission

Peter Mt. Shasta Photo

The Ascended Master Saint Germain appeared in a physical body before Peter Mt. Shasta in Muir Woods, near San Francisco, in 1973. He had been in India with Ram Dass and his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, as well as with Anandamayi Ma (Bliss Permeated Mother), and Sathya Sai Baba. He had also lived in the Himalayan foothills with a yogi who was direct disciple of Babaji, who was preparing to leave his body consciously for a higher plane of existence. As Peter felt that he had achieved all his earthly desires, he had been praying for permission to do the same. However, when Saint Germain took him above the earth and showed him the suffering of humanity, he chose  to forego the freedom offered him and stay to accept Saint Germain’s offer to  assist in his work of alleviating human suffering. Saint Germain sent him to Mount Shasta, an ancient retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, to meet Pearl Dorris, and receive through her further training in contacting the I AM Presence, the source of every being. He is now sharing these simple yet profound teachings of inner mastery, attempting to transmit that ancient wisdom  in a form that can be applied easily in daily life.