Will CNN distract the public with Antarctic disclosures if Jeff Sessions goes after the Washington pedo rings?

[Dr. Michael Salla of exopolitics.org tweeted this below on Feb. 9, 2017. If true, the timing suspiciously coincides with another rumor of the coming mass arrests of the DC pedo rings otherwise known recently to the public as Pizzagate. Many have speculated that Jeff Sessions will authorize the prosecutions since being recently confirmed on Feb. 8, 2017 as the Attorney General for the Trump Administration. As much as I want disclosure, the use of such paradigm-changing disclosure as a distraction for the sadistic crimes of the cabal will sadly eclipse what the American public should currently be protesting – the criminal cabal syndicate. Americans are so deeply divided by the machinations of the elites, such as the infamous George Soros, that they have difficulty seeing truth from lies. Time will tell how this chessmatch plays out. ~DV]