Robert David Steele: The one man President Trump needs to listen to before drowning in the Deep State swamp

[So much has happened since my last post that it has been difficult to keep up with the pace of intrigues and plot twists of this drama play called Earth 2017. Truly a battle for our hearts and minds is being played out by many factions of light and dark. It can be difficult to distill the truth from events using mainstream media and social media. Twitter is shadowbanning people who counter the official narrative. Facebook is censoring “fake news” and asking its users to flag stories they think is “fake.” YouTube is demonetizing accounts they deem controversial. The Deep State is attacking from all sides. And President Trump appears to have fallen to the dark side with his missile attack on Syria. For those watching the madness, it seems the dark is winning. 

A voice of hope and inside knowledge can be dimly heard out of this chaos. Ex-CIA Robert David Steele has steadily gained listeners in the past month, thanks to Victurus Libertas. He has a memo for President Trump that just might save his presidency from the clutches of the Deep State. The 2 videos below will make you a fan, even if you don’t agree with all his viewpoints. Steele has a vision that adds hope and beauty to our world. ~DV]