Robert David Steele: The one man President Trump needs to listen to before drowning in the Deep State swamp

[So much has happened since my last post that it has been difficult to keep up with the pace of intrigues and plot twists of this drama play called Earth 2017. Truly a battle for our hearts and minds is being played out by many factions of light and dark. It can be difficult to distill the truth from events using mainstream media and social media. Twitter is shadowbanning people who counter the official narrative. Facebook is censoring “fake news” and asking its users to flag stories they think is “fake.” YouTube is demonetizing accounts they deem controversial. The Deep State is attacking from all sides. And President Trump appears to have fallen to the dark side with his missile attack on Syria. For those watching the madness, it seems the dark is winning. 

A voice of hope and inside knowledge can be dimly heard out of this chaos. Ex-CIA Robert David Steele has steadily gained listeners in the past month, thanks to Victurus Libertas. He has a memo for President Trump that just might save his presidency from the clutches of the Deep State. The 2 videos below will make you a fan, even if you don’t agree with all his viewpoints. Steele has a vision that adds hope and beauty to our world. ~DV]




Our Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider

[Thank you to the brave CNN insider who is risking all to give us the truth through Victurus Libertas. I hope s/he continues to do so but safely and securely. Love and light to this courageous soul! ~DV]

Our Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider


Our CNN insider has been giving us some great information regarding the #VeryFakeNews of CNN and it’s agenda for President Trump and for the population of the United States and even the world.  We have learned some concerning things from our source, but this latest contact we had with that insider was so compelling and of such concern, I wanted to show you verbatim what was said to us.  I hope you can feel the fear our insider was feeling as this was being sent to us.

This is the correspondence verbatim:

“Hello.  I have some new details, that I have overheard in meetings. They are adamantly pushing for a full-scale assault on Trump, Putin, and Assange.  I hope you remember reading about the first two Red Scares, because this is to be the third. It is currently in the finalizing process. This is an agenda hell-bent on destroying Trump, Putin, and Assange, and on pushing the CIA as a protective force of the people, from these men.  They are also planning on using psychological conditioning to validate severe forms of pedophilia and liberal extremism and to make anyone, who dares question it, labeled as a  conservative, alt-right, or neo-nazi.  This is so extreme, that I do not care if I lose my job.  This is so sick, I can’t look away. Please, Victurus, stay vigilant. Even with knowledge of it upfront, their psychological conditioning can make you side with them.  This might be my last word with you.  If it is, keep reporting the truth, that is all I ask for.”

This sounds very serious to me.  We must get this word out.  Even though people are getting to know what CNN stands for and even though a lot of people do not trust CNN at this time, I believe their agenda is possibly bigger than just that station.  Let us ALL stay vigilant!

As Promised By Our DHS Insider – FBI ANON Resurfaces!

[Victurus Libertas releases more intel by FBI Anon. Things might get a bit hairy this spring. A question is asked about David Seaman on whether or not he is a Mossad agent. Personally, I don’t think so. It’s not going to be pretty, but let the hard-fought truth be exposed! ~DV]

As Promised By Our DHS Insider – FBI ANON Resurfaces!

Posted on March 5, 2017 by Admininstrator

As promised by our DHS insider earlier this week, our FBI insider surfaces with information on #ObamaGate and a Spring Purge. If you heard our interview with Robert David Steele, he also spoke of a Spring Purge. This all falls together like pieces of a puzzle. Below is the latest question and answer by FBI Anon:

 Q. Thank you for talking with us. What do you think of Trump’s allegations against Obama?

A. In the worlds of the Carpenters, “its only just begun”

Q. So was Trump wiretapped as our DHS insider and Robert Steele suggest

A. Yes.

Q. Why?

A. Wrong question

Q. Ok, by whom?

A. Trump tower was bugged by more than just our IC.

Q. WHAT????? Could you elaborate?

A. Brits, Israeli’s. In the fullness of time, much will be revealed

Q. Why the Brits?

A. The same reason as the Israeli’s. Trump is a threat to the Deep State. The Deep State is a threat to Trump. Globalists are the populations bee keepers. They harness the energy, they harness the honey. Controlled oppression.

Q. So why do you and other insiders leak to us and others?

A. Because once in a while, a bat needs to be taken to the bee hive.

Q. So you want the bees swarming?

A. In a manner of speaking. We leak, so that the people may have a just outrage and demand a just result. The People outnumber the Government 300 to 1. It’s a numbers game. We expected high level arrests to happen weeks ago, but discovered the bee keepers had interfered at the highest levels. There is an internal war within our Government, as many know. The Shadow State is like a vampire facing dawn. They do not go easily into sunlit areas.

Q. So why did the Israeli’s bug Trump

A. The same reason they keep close tabs on Jared Kushner, who I fully expect will be let go by Trump soon. There is too much liability with Kushner. Kushner has pressure from the Israeli lobby and Trump knows he is a delivery boy for AIPAC. The Israeli’s bugged Trump because they were concerned about Bannon, America First, the possibility that with a Trump win, they would see their foreign aid cut, which by the way, is going to happen.

Q. What do you think of David Seaman? Is he a Mossad asset?

A. Never heard of him.

Q. How will this all play out?

A. We are entering a time of political purge – the likes of which has not been seen for decades, if not centuries. Trump has the evidence he needs to launch an investigation into a myriad of DC collusions. He must concentrate on the communications between Lynch, Bill Clinton, Obama, and Brennan. He needs to get serious with the pedophilia investigation because he can bring down his enemies in one fell swoop. McCain, Graham, Obama, Bill Clinton, and so on… His greatest tools include the Wiener file titled “Life Insurance“. (Names, dates, photo’s, videos) and the Epstein videos captured by NSA when they were being delivered to Israeli intel, Wiener and Epstein. But, his greatest tool is the collective rage of the People. Trump must prosecute #PedoGate. The relationship between Schumer and Wiener must be explored. It may lead to some stunning climaxes, if you can excuse the pun.

 Q. This is huge!

A. As I said before, there is enough underbelly rot to collapse not only our Government, but collapse the Likud part in Israel and expose a huge political pedophile ring that exists in the US, UK, Asia, etc. All inter-connected. And that’s not even venturing into the extortion aspect.

Q. Will it get bloody?

A. Lets just say its flag weather.

Q. Any advice for Trump?

A. He who hesitates is lost…..

Antarctica Disclosure Coming Soon – The Illuminati’s Plan To Divert Publics Attention – David Seaman and Steve Quayle

[We’ll see how the Trump Administration handles this information and how it will be disclosed. Certainly, the disclosure of such materials will divert the public’s attention away from the crimes of the Illuminati. When that time arrives, the work of David Wilcock should be acknowledged by the public, and I see his site being avalanched. Mainstream people like David Seaman, whose eyes have opened to the truth, are now opening up to Wilcock’s work and integrating it with what they have discovered. Undoubtedly, there will be a huge learning curve about everything the elites have suppressed from us. The public’s reaction will depend upon how quickly they overcome denials and programming. ~DV]

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Antarctica Disclosure Coming Soon – The Illuminati’s Plan To Divert Publics Attention – David Seaman and Steve Quayle

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Source – Ascension With Earth

Published on Feb 1, 2017
David Wilcock analyzes Pizzagate’s Illuminati ties:
As reported by The Wall Street Journal yesterday, federal charges against Anthony Weiner are now likely on the way. And here’s the troubling truth behind Pizzagate, which has now been vetted: it’s driven by a pre-biblical secret society’s belief in the efficacy of child sacrifice. They refer to themselves as Illuminati, but illuminated they are not. This is their time to be outed and judged by modern society.
 Published on Jan 31, 2017
This is the Q-CAST for January 31, 2017. Steve discusses the coming disclosure concerning Antarctica.

Magical ‘light pillar’ phenomenon spotted across Russian skies

Magical ‘light pillar’ phenomenon spotted across Russian skies

Magical ‘light pillar’ phenomenon spotted across Russian skies
A number of Russian cities have been treated to an awe-inspiring sight of so-called light pillars seemingly shooting up from the ground all the way up to the horizon and beyond.

Vertical beams of bright light, reminiscent of columns, were captured by sleepless Russians over the past weeks, and the stunning images were quickly shared on social media.

READ MORE: Mysterious UFO cloud hovers over Sweden (PHOTOS)

‘Light pillars’ in the central city of Rostov stirred controversy with some people coming up with mystical explanations for the occurrence. Experts were quick enough to dispel those myths though, saying it’s nothing but an atmospheric optical illusion.

“Friday afternoon saw a rise in temperature and then there was a sharp fall down to minus 14 degrees Celsius at night. The air was humid and then the water started to crystalize. Basically, pieces of ice or snowflakes started to form in the air,”Oleg Stepanyan, a member of the Russian Academy of Science said, according to RIA Novosti.

The phenomenon occurs when natural or artificial light is reflected from ice crystals floating close to the ground. Which is exactly what happened earlier this week in the city of Togliatti.

Russia’s federal subject of Tatarstan also had its fair share of light beauty.

This photography enthusiast from northern Murmansk said the natural visual effect may be called “a variation of halo,”which usually takes place during daylight.

Another image comes from the south-eastern city of Saratov.

Colorful shining pillars were even spotted in Moscow, a region where the views of sky phenomena are usually obscured by clouds and bright lights.

Ukraine and Belarus reportedly also had the opportunity to appreciate the mesmerizing game of ice and light.

Why I’m hopeful by Charles Hugh Smith

[Charles Hugh Smith’s blog is one of my go-to sites for sense and sensibility. I enjoy his viewpoints about the economy and what he calls the Deep State. When I am knee-deep in the mud and muck of current events, I find his perspectives to be wonderfully calming and sane compared to the emotionally triggered left (and right) voices online. His blog resonates with my ideas about the world and how we as individuals need to be more self-reliant rather than expecting an overly bloated central government to take care of us. This does not mean we cannot take care of each other as a community; what it does mean is not allowing the Central/Savior State to exist solely to serve itself, that is to break away from its original intent. There seems to be a beacon of light shining from the brink of darkness. From what he sees over the horizon, “A more human world lies just beyond the edge of the Status Quo.” Happy Holidays! ~ DV]

Why I’m Hopeful

by Charles Hugh Smith

December 26, 2016

Why am I hopeful? the Status Quo is devolving, and a better way of living lies just beyond the corrupt, wasteful, ruinous consumerist debt/financial tyranny we now inhabit.

Readers often ask me to post something hopeful, and I understand why: doom-and-gloom gets tiresome. Human beings need hope just as they need oxygen, and the destruction of the Status Quo via over-reach and internal contradictions doesn’t leave much to be happy about.

The most hopeful thing in my mind is that the Status Quo is devolving from its internal contradictions and excesses. It is a perverse, intensely destructive system with horrific incentives for predation, exploitation, fraud and complicity and few disincentives.

A more human world lies just beyond the edge of the Status Quo.

I know many smart, well-informed people expect the worst once the Status Quo (the Savior State and its corporatocracy partners) devolves, and there is abundant evidence of the ugliness of human nature under duress.

But we should temper this Id ugliness with the stronger impulses of community and compassion. If greed and rapaciousness were the dominant forces within human nature, then the species would have either died out at its own hand or been limited to small savage populations kept in check by the predation of neighboring groups, none of which could expand much because inner conflict would limit their ability to grow.

The remarkable success of humanity as a species is not simply the result of a big brain, opposable thumbs, year-round sex, innovation or even language; it is also the result of social and cultural associations that act as a “network” for storing knowledge and good will–what we call technical and social capital.

I have devoted significant portions of my books to an explanation of how community and self-reliance have atrophied under the relentless expansion of the dominant Savior State.

The social capital and “return on investment” earned from investing time and energy in community and other social networks has been replaced by a check from the Savior State–a transfer payment that surely beats the troublesome work of investing in community in terms of risk and return.

The net result of the Savior State dominating society and the economy is the rise of a pathological mindset of entitlement and resentment–the two are simply two sides of the same coin. You cannot separate them.

Once self-reliance has been lost, so too has self-confidence been lost, and the Savior State dependent–individual and corporation alike–soon distrusts their ability to function in an open market.

This is a truly sad, self-destructive state of affairs, and deeply, tragically ironic. The calls for “help” quickly lead to dependence on the Savior State, and that dependence quickly breeds complicity and silence in the face of repression and predation by the State and its corporate partners.

In a very real sense, citizens relinquish their citizenship along with their self-reliance and self-worth once they accept dependence on the State.

I often mention that the U.S. has much to learn from so-called Third World countries that are poorer in resources and credit. In many of these countries, the government is the police, the school and the infrastructure of roadways and energy. Many of these countries are systemically corrupt, and the State is the engine of enforcing that corruption.

Rather than something to be embraced and lobbied, involvement with the State is something to be avoided as a risk. In everyday life, people rarely encounter the government except in law enforcement or schooling.

As a result, people depend on their social capital and community for sustenance, support, work and connections.

This is not altruism, it is mutually beneficial.

Once a community dissolves into atomized individuals who each get a payment from the Central State, then they no longer need each other. Rather, other dependents on the State are viewed as competitors for the State’s resources.

These atomized, isolated individuals have a perverse relationship with the State and what remains of the community around them: lacking the self-worth earned from work or engagement/investment in a community, then their only outlet for self-identity is consumption: what they wear, eat, drink, etc. as consumers.

This dependence on the State also serves the State’s goal, which is a passive, compliant populace of dependents, and distracted, passive workers who pay their taxes. Thus dependence on the State and a hollow consumerism are ontologically bound: one feeds the other.


The era of debt-based consumption as the engine of “growth” and “prosperity” is coming to an end. Adding debt via credit no longer creates growth; it actually takes away from the economy by expanding debt service (interest payments).

The vast majority of developed-world people have had the basics of life since the late 1960s — transport, food, shelter and utilities. The “growth” since then depended on cheap, abundant oil and a consumerist mentality in which one constantly re-defines and renews one’s identity not from social investments in others or the shared community but from consumption.

Not coincidentally, this dominance of consumption as the only metric for “growth” (as opposed to, say, productive activity) has been paralleled by the dominance of the Central State.

The end of credit-based consumption will be a very positive development, as will the devolution of the Savior State. The Savior State is like oil–both are at their peaks and are starting their inevitable slide down the S-curve. The world they created was not as positive for human fulfillment and happiness as we have been told.

Indeed, study after study has found that people with the basics for life, a higher purpose that requires sacrifice and a tight-knit community are far and away happier than isolated, atomized, insecure consumers, regardless of their wealth and consumption.

This potential to re-humanize our economy is why I am hopeful.

Getting caught in the Pizzagate honeytrap

[We’ve all had emotional moments from being caught up in the drama. When we feel out of balance, oftentimes our ability to discern the truth of things crashes like an old MS Windows program. Last night, I crashed. Something woke me up around 1 AM. I made the mistake of looking at my news feed and found that the Twitter sphere was abuzz about Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter account being suspended.

Supposedly, Giuliani tweeted about Pizzagate and received death threats for doing so. An official statement was posted about Pizzagate, 911, clones, and even mentioned the new Star Wars movie. He warned that a fake CGI or cloned Giuliani would deny all of this in the media. And now the account was suspended. All sounds like a Hollywood movie plot doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the honeytrap many Pizzagaters feared. The Rudy Giuliani Twitter account was a fake and a psy-op like the recent incident with the gunman Edgar Maddison Welch (listed in the as an actor) who showed up at Comet Ping Pong because he was influenced by Pizzagate tweets. It was a DDT grenade. As in Decoy, Distract, and Trash. Otherwise known as a honeytrap. In David Wilcock’s The Ascension Mysteries, he reveals how various secret groups discredit whistleblowers using the DDT campaign. It’s cheap and effective.

It had me going for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning. In college, I was a huge fan of The X-Files and really identified with Fox Mulder. He was known for a UFO poster with the words I Want to Believe hanging in his basement office.


For a few hours, I was Fox Mulder, wanting to believe what seemed like the real testimony of a deep dark conspiracy. Yet as it turns out, it was another decoy to distract us. Later that day, my husband played the part of Dana Scully, immediately telling me to stop looking because it was a distraction. I was tired and agitated, feeling off balance from lack of sleep and angered by the thought of so many innocent children being hurt. 

After a while, I listened to my husband and the inner voice of the Higher Self (which I had stubbornly been ignoring) told me it was all a fake…that I had in fact been emotionally triggered because I was a relatively new mother. This was a lesson in discernment. We all need to be careful. There are traps being set to catch us spreading “fake news.” And this one was indeed fake.

Below is the post by SITS’s Justin Deschamps who wisely points out that we must do our due diligence and learn from our mistakes. ~DV]

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FAKE Rudy Giuliani Twitter Account Suspended Following Series of ‘PizzaGate’ Tweets — Honey Trap for Alt-Media

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City allegedly tweeted about Pizzagate recently—but is this true? I had several people send me the data asking me if it was real, hoping that it was. But the account was suspended due to impersonation violations. In other words, it appears that the account—and everything that it said—was a hoax and not from Giuliani.

Given the fact that Pizzagate seems to be a psychological warfare operation to destroy the alternative media—despite the fact it is not completely contrived—it is possible that this was part of an attempt to bait media outlets into reporting the tweets as real. Several alt-media organizations have indeed done so, which further underscores the need for reporters of all types to be as objective as possible.While there is enough about the Pizzagate story to draw many suppositions that pedophilia and wrongdoing are taking place, there is nothing yet available that unequivocally proves anyone committed a crime. This makes it a perfect honey trap for investigators and the public, leading them to believe the narrative over and above the proper due diligence that is required. In our zeal to seek the truth, we mustn’t overextend ourselves when evidence is lacking, no matter how much the story seems to be true. Of course, we’ve all made mistakes in discernment from time to time. The key is to learn from them and move forward with wisdom.

– Justin

(Aaron Kesel) The Twitter account “@RudolphGiuliani” was suspended after posting a series of Tweets, including an “official statement,” about “PizzaGate.” The Internet was quick to question why the former mayor of New York City would speak out on the subject in such a way. The only problem is… the account is fake.

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Source – We Are Change

by Aaron Kesel, December 21st, 2016

In October, Giuliani told Chuck Todd on Meet The Press that he was aware of at least four different accounts using his name, when he was questioned about a tweet from the account “@rudygiulianiGOP” critiquing Donald Trump‘s debate performance.

“I didn’t tweet that. That’s not my tweet. I never said that. That’s somebody pretending to be me. There are about four of them out there that pretend to be me,” Giuliani said.

Shortly before the imposter @RudolphGiuliani account was suspended on Tuesday, the user—which was not verified—posted an image purporting to be an “official statement” from Giuliani about topics such as “PizzaGate” and 911.

The statement was very erratic and jumped from topic to topic. It claimed that “if I deny this on TV don’t believe what you see they have technology 20 years ahead far beyond what is available to the public” and that “they can create a real-time CGI human-like avatar.”

While it is true that you should not trust what you see anymore thanks to technology like “Face2Face” and avatar-like holograms demonstrated during the 2008 election in the video below, that does not change the fact that this account is not legitimate.

If you look through the archive of this account’s tweets you can clearly see it is indeed a fake. In fact, its very first tweet is “Im Rudy Giuliani mother f*ckers,” as noted by this voat thread.

It’s also worth noting that the account was very hostile towards other people on twitter as is displayed by this screenshot of its tweets. You can verify this by visiting this link of the account’s tweets from September 2016.

The user also posted a series of tweets with one accusing the owner of Comet Ping Pong—James Alefantis—of “murder and child molestation” and another saying that the fake Giuliani was prepared to “spill the beans” shortly before its suspension. The account even went as far as to publish an “official statement” that was purported from Giuliani claiming that the “PizzaGate” rumors are “completely true.”

The only problem is, once again, this is disinformation as the account is not run by Giuliani. It is against Twitter rules to impersonate someone, so this ban is the first in a long string of bans by Twitter that are justified. You can read the full fake statement below, although, it must be said that I agree with Trump’s transition team member Michael Flynn Jr. – who was fired – that Pizzagate is not over until certain questions can be answered, as there are too many coincidences.

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