President Trump is losing his base by going after Wikileaks and Julian Assange

By Going After Assange, Trump Will Alienate The Alt-Right Forever

 Apr 21

The cool thing about having a predominantly lefty readership is that when I want to criticize the Democratic establishment or the liberal mass media, the people who read my stuff tend to understand the history and nuances behind what I’m talking about. I don’t get a lot of right-wing idiots coming in calling Democrats “leftists” or saying Rachel Maddow looks like a dude hurr hurr hurr; I get mostly intelligent responses and understanding, along with some fair and informed criticism of my own progressivism.

The shitty thing about having a predominantly lefty readership is that when I try to talk about the anti-establishment left’s counterparts on the political right, people have no idea what I’m talking about, because we’ve got our own echo chambers just like other groups have. When I say the alt-right is overwhelmingly opposed to military interventionism and regime change wars, or that it was understandable for them to hope that Trump was going to drain the swamp, bitch slap the globalists and stand up to the deep state, I get a lot of pushback from people who insist that they’re nothing but a bunch of stupid racist warmongering fascists who value nothing but power and money. And when I say that they are mostly decent people with a solid moral code who will not hesitate to turn against Trump if he steps out of line, I’ll likely get people arguing that the Trumpsters will stay loyal to their God Emperor no matter what. Those people will be wrong, and they should spend less time in the lefty echo chamber.

Say what you will about the alt-right, but there is at least as much critical thinking and healthy distrust of authority happening there as there is in the true progressive movement. Trump is already on thin ice with them due to his antics in Syria, which drew condemnation from many key leaders of the movement. If his administration tries to arrest Julian Assange as anonymous sources allegedly within the US government have told CNN it is planning to do, there is no coming back from that. You can’t build someone up as a hero and then execute him months later when he’s no longer useful to you. You can’t turn on the god of all computer nerds when a major part of your online support base had its roots in 4chan. The ultimate underdog who has dedicated his life to standing up to the monolithic might of the deep state is one of the few people Trump’s support base loves even more than Donald Trump, and they’re already letting him know they won’t stand for it.

what crap! he should get the #Peace prize #Maga #tcot #vets

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@JulianAssange did nothing wrong.

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I love @wikileaks!” – @realDonaldTrump #FreeJulian

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Jeff Sessions should concentrate on arresting & deporting illegal aliens, drug lords & narco-terrorists and leave Julian Assange alone.

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He’s started to see a lot of things from a different perspective recently.

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We will be holding massive protests if this happens.

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This is a deep state operation and for all practical purposes an assassination. No!

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I had a very interesting interview with Robert David Steele yesterday, who is politically very different from myself and whose fan base is largely on the opposite end of the political spectrum, and while we didn’t agree on everything we strongly agreed that the time has come for the anti-establishment right and the anti-establishment left and all the truth-tellers in between to unify against the deep state, which I happened to have just written about in my last article. I may cringe at Steele’s language sometimes and he and I may never agree about Bernie Sanders being a sheepdog who sold out for a beach house, but I will proudly set aside our differences and fight the manipulations of the deep state by his side, because until the unelected power establishment is overthrown, our ideological differences are functionally irrelevant. Until election integrity is restored and the American people have a voice in what happens to their country that isn’t nullified and neutered by unelected oligarchs, the only fight that makes any sense is against those oligarchs, and if all anti-establishment factions come together and put everything they’ve got into that fight, we can win.

In our conversation, Steele, an early outspoken Trump supporter, told me that he and others in his movement were giving Trump until May 1st to turn away from the deep state agenda trajectory he appears to be on, and then will commence fighting him as one of them. This was before news broke about the administration’s alleged intention to prosecute one of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen in Julian Assange.

There are many arguments to be made for why arresting Assange would be catastrophic and criminal, from the fact that Ecuador is specifically sheltering him from US prosecution for his organization’s leaks to very legitimate fears that it will lead to the prosecutions of other journalists who leak classified information, but from a simple strategic point of view it would also be the stupidest thing that Trump could possibly do. His popularity is already hurting, and alienating the one group that has truly adored him and stuck with him through thick and thin will leave him with no allies but the fickle neocons he is currently catering to, and they will turn on him on a dime the second they can spill a little more blood on a little more sand by doing so.

But the campaign promises keep falling away and long-held positions keep reversing to fall in line with America’s unelected power establishment, so it looks like that may be where we’re headed. This would be very bad for Trump, and absolutely horrific for Assange. But it would also spell death for the deep state and victory for the 99 percent as we the people rise up, and shrug them off like a heavy coat on a warm day.

I promise anyone who’s involved in these plots against Assange: if you harm one silver hair on that man’s head, that will be the end of you. You will have overextended yourself, and we will all unite against you. This will happen. Don’t be stupid.



Pizzagate Researcher David Seaman’s Videos Vanish From Youtube After BuzzFeed Hit Piece (NEW UPDATE)

[Please send David Seaman some light and healing energy his way. Not many could withstand the kind of harassment that Seaman has received on social media, and the hit piece on Buzzfeed did not help. Assist him and all truth warriors any way you can by reposting this from my blog, Stillness in the Storm, The Event Chronicle, or We Are Change. The criminal elites are doubling down on character assassinations and censorship on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Stay in unity and awareness. ~DV]


Pizzagate Researcher David Seaman’s Videos Vanish From Youtube After BuzzFeed Hit Piece

(Aaron KeselYouTube channel of journalist David Seaman, who has been a core force investigating Pizzagate, is now blank. Hundreds of videos are missing.

Source – The Event Chronicle

by Aaron Kesel, February 26th, 2017

The independent journalist did countless video’s showing his findings in the Pizzagate conspiracy, which revolves around an alleged child sex-trafficking ring in Washington D.C.

For more on Pizzagate, check out our other articles on the subject and all the questions still remaining, like the coincidence of these pizza shops using logos that the FBI classified as pedophile symbols.

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Seaman’s YouTube channel has 154,156 subscribers but is currently displaying no videos as of 12 a.m. EST 2/26/17.

Seaman’s account is also listing no videos.

It’s officially unknown why Seaman’s Youtube channel had all of its videos wiped, but it might have something to do with Joe Bernstein, a senior technology reporter for BuzzFeed News who recently wrote a hit piece on Seaman calling him the “Pizzagate King of the Internet.”

Bernstein also mocked the topics that Seaman covers despite probably never studying anything he mentioned there.

“On Twitter, Seaman posts dozens of messages a day to his 66,000 followers, often about the secret cabal — including Rothschilds, Satanists, and the other nabobs of the New World Order — behind the nation’s best-known, super-duper-secret child sex ring under a DC pizza parlor,” Bernstein wrote.

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While another Pizzagate researcher Titus Frost alleges that Seaman deleted his channel due to a scam he was running using gold money affiliate links and has taken credit for Seaman’s online disappearance.

We reached out to Seaman for comment, but a response was not received before this article was published.

UPDATE: 1:00 P.M. EST- The following Reddit post was sent to WRC in regards to David Seaman posted by an alleged friend of Seaman.

Seaman did indeed have his friend killed previously Ashley Lauren Joy Jones who was found dead in her home along with Kelly Fears Wrenn stabbed to death as the Reddit post said.

Further confirmed by Seaman himself here with an archive of his tweet. So maybe Seaman is just taking some time off from the research for now.

This article (Pizzagate Researcher David Seaman’s Videos Vanish From Youtube After BuzzFeed Hit Piece) was originally published on We Are Change and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

Update: Dr. Michael Salla tweets more about CNN and CBS on possible Antarctic disclosures



Will CNN distract the public with Antarctic disclosures if Jeff Sessions goes after the Washington pedo rings?

[Dr. Michael Salla of tweeted this below on Feb. 9, 2017. If true, the timing suspiciously coincides with another rumor of the coming mass arrests of the DC pedo rings otherwise known recently to the public as Pizzagate. Many have speculated that Jeff Sessions will authorize the prosecutions since being recently confirmed on Feb. 8, 2017 as the Attorney General for the Trump Administration. As much as I want disclosure, the use of such paradigm-changing disclosure as a distraction for the sadistic crimes of the cabal will sadly eclipse what the American public should currently be protesting – the criminal cabal syndicate. Americans are so deeply divided by the machinations of the elites, such as the infamous George Soros, that they have difficulty seeing truth from lies. Time will tell how this chessmatch plays out. ~DV]



Getting caught in the Pizzagate honeytrap

[We’ve all had emotional moments from being caught up in the drama. When we feel out of balance, oftentimes our ability to discern the truth of things crashes like an old MS Windows program. Last night, I crashed. Something woke me up around 1 AM. I made the mistake of looking at my news feed and found that the Twitter sphere was abuzz about Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter account being suspended.

Supposedly, Giuliani tweeted about Pizzagate and received death threats for doing so. An official statement was posted about Pizzagate, 911, clones, and even mentioned the new Star Wars movie. He warned that a fake CGI or cloned Giuliani would deny all of this in the media. And now the account was suspended. All sounds like a Hollywood movie plot doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the honeytrap many Pizzagaters feared. The Rudy Giuliani Twitter account was a fake and a psy-op like the recent incident with the gunman Edgar Maddison Welch (listed in the as an actor) who showed up at Comet Ping Pong because he was influenced by Pizzagate tweets. It was a DDT grenade. As in Decoy, Distract, and Trash. Otherwise known as a honeytrap. In David Wilcock’s The Ascension Mysteries, he reveals how various secret groups discredit whistleblowers using the DDT campaign. It’s cheap and effective.

It had me going for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning. In college, I was a huge fan of The X-Files and really identified with Fox Mulder. He was known for a UFO poster with the words I Want to Believe hanging in his basement office.


For a few hours, I was Fox Mulder, wanting to believe what seemed like the real testimony of a deep dark conspiracy. Yet as it turns out, it was another decoy to distract us. Later that day, my husband played the part of Dana Scully, immediately telling me to stop looking because it was a distraction. I was tired and agitated, feeling off balance from lack of sleep and angered by the thought of so many innocent children being hurt. 

After a while, I listened to my husband and the inner voice of the Higher Self (which I had stubbornly been ignoring) told me it was all a fake…that I had in fact been emotionally triggered because I was a relatively new mother. This was a lesson in discernment. We all need to be careful. There are traps being set to catch us spreading “fake news.” And this one was indeed fake.

Below is the post by SITS’s Justin Deschamps who wisely points out that we must do our due diligence and learn from our mistakes. ~DV]

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FAKE Rudy Giuliani Twitter Account Suspended Following Series of ‘PizzaGate’ Tweets — Honey Trap for Alt-Media

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City allegedly tweeted about Pizzagate recently—but is this true? I had several people send me the data asking me if it was real, hoping that it was. But the account was suspended due to impersonation violations. In other words, it appears that the account—and everything that it said—was a hoax and not from Giuliani.

Given the fact that Pizzagate seems to be a psychological warfare operation to destroy the alternative media—despite the fact it is not completely contrived—it is possible that this was part of an attempt to bait media outlets into reporting the tweets as real. Several alt-media organizations have indeed done so, which further underscores the need for reporters of all types to be as objective as possible.While there is enough about the Pizzagate story to draw many suppositions that pedophilia and wrongdoing are taking place, there is nothing yet available that unequivocally proves anyone committed a crime. This makes it a perfect honey trap for investigators and the public, leading them to believe the narrative over and above the proper due diligence that is required. In our zeal to seek the truth, we mustn’t overextend ourselves when evidence is lacking, no matter how much the story seems to be true. Of course, we’ve all made mistakes in discernment from time to time. The key is to learn from them and move forward with wisdom.

– Justin

(Aaron Kesel) The Twitter account “@RudolphGiuliani” was suspended after posting a series of Tweets, including an “official statement,” about “PizzaGate.” The Internet was quick to question why the former mayor of New York City would speak out on the subject in such a way. The only problem is… the account is fake.

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Source – We Are Change

by Aaron Kesel, December 21st, 2016

In October, Giuliani told Chuck Todd on Meet The Press that he was aware of at least four different accounts using his name, when he was questioned about a tweet from the account “@rudygiulianiGOP” critiquing Donald Trump‘s debate performance.

“I didn’t tweet that. That’s not my tweet. I never said that. That’s somebody pretending to be me. There are about four of them out there that pretend to be me,” Giuliani said.

Shortly before the imposter @RudolphGiuliani account was suspended on Tuesday, the user—which was not verified—posted an image purporting to be an “official statement” from Giuliani about topics such as “PizzaGate” and 911.

The statement was very erratic and jumped from topic to topic. It claimed that “if I deny this on TV don’t believe what you see they have technology 20 years ahead far beyond what is available to the public” and that “they can create a real-time CGI human-like avatar.”

While it is true that you should not trust what you see anymore thanks to technology like “Face2Face” and avatar-like holograms demonstrated during the 2008 election in the video below, that does not change the fact that this account is not legitimate.

If you look through the archive of this account’s tweets you can clearly see it is indeed a fake. In fact, its very first tweet is “Im Rudy Giuliani mother f*ckers,” as noted by this voat thread.

It’s also worth noting that the account was very hostile towards other people on twitter as is displayed by this screenshot of its tweets. You can verify this by visiting this link of the account’s tweets from September 2016.

The user also posted a series of tweets with one accusing the owner of Comet Ping Pong—James Alefantis—of “murder and child molestation” and another saying that the fake Giuliani was prepared to “spill the beans” shortly before its suspension. The account even went as far as to publish an “official statement” that was purported from Giuliani claiming that the “PizzaGate” rumors are “completely true.”

The only problem is, once again, this is disinformation as the account is not run by Giuliani. It is against Twitter rules to impersonate someone, so this ban is the first in a long string of bans by Twitter that are justified. You can read the full fake statement below, although, it must be said that I agree with Trump’s transition team member Michael Flynn Jr. – who was fired – that Pizzagate is not over until certain questions can be answered, as there are too many coincidences.

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